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Personal Cyber Insurance

1. What is Personal Cyber Insurance?

It is Insurance which covers you and your family against the effects of hacking, malware and cyber crime. You can find out more about the product here.

2. Where can I get a quote or buy Personal Cyber Insurance?

You can buy it here or as an optional add-on plan to Tiq Home Insurance here at a special discounted rate. If you have any questions, feel free to call our Customer Care hotline at 6887 8777.

3. Who should buy Personal Cyber insurance?

Everyone who has a computer or internet connected device. Everyone who makes purchases or banks online. Everyone who does anything online. In short, Everyone!

4. What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

All we require is your name and household address in Singapore.

5. When will my Personal Cyber Insurance coverage commence?

Upon successful application, the cover takes effect immediately from the date of the coverage reflected on your policy schedule. There is no waiting period.

6. How will I know if my online purchase is successful?

When you complete the purchase, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. At the same time, you will receive confirmation via SMS and email. If you do not receive an SMS or email from us within one hour, please call us at 6887 8777.

7. What documents will I receive after purchasing Personal Cyber Insurance successfully?

You will receive the Schedule and Policy Wording via email.

8. Is there a ‘free look’ period for this policy?

You have fourteen (14) days from the date you receive the policy to exercise the free look, but we hope you will stay with us. Premiums paid will be fully refunded, if a claim has not been made under the policy.

9. Can I get a refund if I cancel my plans after the ‘free look’ period?

If no claim has been made, you can get a pro-rated refund for the balance period of the coverage. However, if a claim had been made, no refund can be given.

10. Can I pay the Personal Cyber Insurance premium by installments?

The Personal Cyber Insurance premium is payable as a lump sum basis. We do not offer instalment payment plans for Personal Cyber Insurance.

11. Do I need to inform Etiqa if I shift residential premises?

Yes, we need to be informed. Please email us at customer.service@etiqa.com.sg or call us at 6887 8777

12. I entered my details wrongly. What should I do?

Please email customer.service@etiqa.com.sg or call us at 6887 8777.

13. Do I need to buy Personal Cyber Insurance if I already have home insurance in place?

Cyber perils are not covered by a Home Insurance Policy.

14. Am I able to auto-renew my policy via GIRO?

Yes, you may do so via this form.

1. What is covered under Personal Cyber Insurance?
3 RESTORATION COSTS $25,000 $250
2. What is covered under Cyber Fraud?
Financial loss you sustain as a result of the theft of funds from your personal banking account or your personal digital wallet with an online merchant; fraudulent online purchases or email scams.

3. What is covered under Cyber Extortion ?
Reimbursement (to the extent insurable) for money you had to pay to stop a cyber extortion threat to damage or distribute contents or to restore access to your device.
Note: You should make a police report and obtain Etiqa’s prior agreement before making any ransom payment.

4. What is covered under Restoration Costs?
  • Costs to reinstall damaged software,
  • Remove malware,
  • Reconfigure your device or system, and
  • Restore or recover your personal electronic data and digital photos that have been lost or corrupted following a malware infection or hacking.
Note: Not all information can be retrieved during the restoration process and some data or personal information may be permanently lost. Restoration will be to the hardware and the software (licensed software, apps etc.). It is advised to back-up your computer on a regular basis to ensure that your information can be recovered and restored.

5. What is covered under Identity Theft ?
The costs you incur to restore and protect your identity following the online theft of your personal information to commit fraud using your identity. For example your personal details being used without your knowledge to open a bank account or to apply for a car loan or credit cards.
To re-establish one’s financial good name and credit can be a lengthy, expensive process.

6. Who is covered under Personal Cyber Insurance?
You, your spouse and children residing with you at the address shown in the policy document are all covered under this policy.

7Which devices are covered under Personal Cyber Insurance ?
All your home desk top computers, home routers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones used mainly for personal purposes and belonging to you, your spouse or children residing with you.
It includes the software, programs, your personal electronic data, digital photos, digital music and digital video stored on these devices.
Note: The policy does not cover digital data, digital photos and digital videos used in conjunction with your business, profession or trade.

8. Do I have to provide a list of all these devices for Etiqa’s prior approval ?
No. You do not need to provide a list of your personal devices.
Note: The policy does not cover any devices that are not owned by you but may be kept at your home, such as laptop owned by your business or the company you work for. This is the responsibility of your business or company and should be insured by them.

9. What is not covered under Personal Cyber Insurance ?
  • Financial loss that has been reimbursed by your bank, credit card issuing company or online merchant.
  • Love scams.
  • Advance free fraud or other fraud where you where you provide money based on an expectation of receiving at some future time a larger amount of money or something with a greater value than the money provided.
  • Any activities carried out by you for business or professional purposes.
  • Wear and tear and gradual deterioration or reduction in performance of your devices.
  • Any physical injury, sickness, disease disability, mental anguish and mental injury.
Note: A malware detected on your device does not constitute a loss, unless you have an actual financial loss or damage to your device.

10. Can I choose the amount of cover ?
No. The Sum Insured offered is set at $25,000.
This limit is shared between you, your spouse and your children residing with you. $25,000 is the maximum amount Etiqa will pay for all claims it accepts under the policy in total for the period of insurance, regardless of the number of claims. When we have paid the full Sum Insured of $25,000, we will not pay any further amounts for any claim.

11. Is a Deductible applied to the Personal Cyber Insurance Policy ?
Yes but only in respect of the Restoration Costs. You will have to bear the first $250 of this cost.
No deductible applies in respect of any Financial Loss you suffer as result of Cyber Fraud or Cyber Extortion payment or Identity Theft Expenses being incurred.

1. How do I file a claim under the policy ?

Please contact Crawford & Company International Pte Ltd (Crawford), our Claims Third Party Administrator, to report the claim and follow their advice: 6632 8639

2. Who are Crawford ?

Etiqa’s appointed Claims Service Call Center.

3. What is the claims process if I discover money has been taken from my personal bank account?

  • You must report to the police as well the bank where your personal bank account is held; and
  • Contact Crawford

4. What is the claims process if I discover that my computer has been locked down and a ransom is being demanded to restore my computer ?

  • You must report to the police; and
  • Contact Crawford

5. What is the claims process if I think a virus has caused damage to my computer ?

Contact Crawford

6. What is the claims process if I discover someone is fraudulently using my identity?

  • You must report to the police as well as the issuers of the plastic card (where applicable) or the financial institution (where applicable); and
  • Contact Crawford

7. What happens if I shop online and the goods I have paid for do not arrive or are faulty?

This is not covered under the policy

8. Do I have a claim if I find out that my personal data has been stolen from a bank, hospital, or another institution that I have dealings with ?

The theft of your data is not in itself a financial loss to you. But should your stolen data be used to perpetrate cyber fraud and you sustain a financial loss, the policy will respond.

9. What documents do I need to make a claim?

Depending on the claim you wish to submit: Completed claim form and:

  • Cyber Fraud, Cyber Extortion and Identity Theft: Police Report
  • Cyber Fraud and Identity Theft: All correspondence exchanged between you and the issuers of the plastic card, the bank or online merchant, where applicable.
  • Identity Theft: Itemized bill showing breakdown of expenses.
  • Restoration Costs: Itemized repair bill



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