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1.  What is Tiq Home Insurance?

It is a home insurance with customizable protection level for homeowners, landlords and official tenants across HDB, Condominium and Landed Property in Singapore. Multi-year plans from 1, 3 and 5 years are available.

2. Where can I get a quote or buy Tiq Home insurance?

You can get a quote and purchase directly from us online. If you have any questions, feel free to call our Customer Care hotline at 6887 8777.

 3. Who should buy Tiq Home insurance?

It is recommended for homeowners or tenants of HDB, Condominium or Landed property, legal age of 18 years and above, who want to protect building, renovation and home contents.

4. What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

Please share the following information:

  • Your residence status (homeowner, landlord or tenant)
  • Your residence type (HDB, Condo, Landed)
  • Number of bedrooms

 5. When will my Tiq Home Insurance coverage commence?

Upon successful application, the cover takes effect immediately from the date of the coverage reflected on your policy schedule. There is no waiting period.

 6. How will I know if my online purchase is successful?

When you complete the purchase, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. At the same time, you will receive confirmation via SMS and email. If you do not receive an SMS or email from us within one hour, please call us at 6887 8777.

 7. What documents will I receive after purchasing Tiq Home Insurance successfully?

You will receive the following documents via email:

  • Official receipt;
  • Schedule; and
  • Policy Wording.

 8. Is there a ‘free look’ period for this policy?

You have fourteen (14) days from the date you receive the policy to exercise the free look, but we hope you will stay with us. Premiums paid will be fully refunded, if a claim has not been made under the policy.

9. Can I get a refund if I cancel my plans after the ‘free look’ period?

If no claim has been made, you can get a pro-rated refund for the balance period of the coverage. However, if a claim had been made, no refund can be given.

 10. Can I pay the home insurance premium by instalments?

Tiq Home Insurance premium is payable as a lump sum basis depending on your selected term of coverage. We do not offer instalment payment plans for Tiq Home insurance.

 11. Do I need to inform Etiqa if I shift residential premise?

Yes, we need to be informed. Please log in to TiqConnect to access the policy to submit a ‘Change the Policy’ request or email us at customer.service@etiqa.com.sg. This will enable us to protect you adequately because any address change may affect the level of cover you have, which in turn may affect your premium.

 12. I entered my details wrongly. What should I do?

Please log in to TiqConnect to update your details or email customer.service@etiqa.com.sg immediately, as any wrong information may affect claim payment.

 13. Do I still need to buy Tiq Home insurance if I already have basic fire insurance from HDB or from another insurer?

Home contents and renovations are usually not covered by a basic fire insurance plan. To ensure comprehensive coverage, a home contents and renovation insurance such as Tiq Home Insurance would be ideal to complement the basic home insurance you may currently have.

 14. Do I need to buy building cover if I live in a condominium and the management corporation has a fire insurance policy in place?

It is advisable to check the coverage and inclusion of the management corporation’s fire insurance. Generally, this only extends to the building structure and the common areas, and may not include the inner shell of your home.

 15. I live overseas but own a property in Singapore. Can I buy Tiq Home Insurance?

Yes, as long as you are a Singapore citizen, Permanent Resident of Singapore or foreigner with a valid Work Pass, Student Pass, Dependant’s Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass, who is a homeowner, landlord or tenant for a Singapore residential property.

 16. If I sell off my property, how do I cancel my policy?

You may write in to us at customer.service@etiqa.com.sg or via TiqConnect.

17. Am I able to auto-renew my policy via GIRO?

Yes, you may do so for 1,3 and 5 year plans via this form.

18. I had just renovated my house. Can I get another Tiq Home Insurance in addition to my existing Tiq Home plan?

You may email customer.service@etiqa.com.sg for adjustments to your preferred coverage. As each property can only be insured once during active policy period, an additional Tiq Home Insurance plan is inapplicable.  

19. Can I buy two Tiq Home Insurance policies to protect the same residential address so that I can claim twice?

No. Each property can only be covered under one active policy at a time.

1. What is covered under Tiq Home Insurance?

Building*$29,000 – $106,200$300,000 – $2,000,000Not available
Renovation*$20,000 – $180,000$100,000 – $1,000,000
Contents*$15,000 – $120,000$50,000 – $150,000$15,000 – $120,000
Emergency Cash Allowance
Allows you to do the following:
– Pay for basic necessities such as food, clothes, transport
– Get alternative accommodation
– Replace the locks and keys of your damage home and much more!
100% Uninhabitable: $5,000
= 50% Uninhabitable: $2,500
100% Uninhabitable: $500
= 50% Uninhabitable: $250
Emergency Home Assistance
(applicable for plans of 3 years or more)
$200 and up to 4 times per year
Personal Legal Liability (Worldwide)$500,000$1,000,000$500,000
Valuables30% of Content Sum Insured
Removal of Debris10% of Renovation Sum InsuredNot Available
Professional Fees10% of Building and/or Renovations Sum Insured
Conservancy Charge$500
Unauthorised transactions on your stolen ATM or credit card$1,000
Accidental Breakage of Mirrors and Fixed Glass$1,000Not Available
Personal Cyber Insurance
Covers you from:
• Cyber Fraud
• Cyber Extortion
• Restoration Costs
• Identity Theft
Family Accidental Death Protection$50,000Not Available

2. What is covered under Building?
Building shall mean fixtures and fittings attached to the building (not including the foundations) and all other domestic improvements of a structural nature at the Premise and for which you are legally responsible.

3. What is covered under Renovation?
Improvements and additions to your home in the form of fixtures and fittings. These can include flooring, built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, installed lighting, mirrors, fixed glass and more.

4. What is covered under Home Contents?
Home contents mean all movable household items and personal effects belonging to you and your household but excluding:
•           Any part of the Building
•           Items belonging to the landlord (if any)
•           Landlord’s fixtures and fittings (if any)
•           Livestock and pets
•           Securities, certificates, documents of any kind, stamps and computer systems records
•           Property held or used in connection with your business
•           Please refer to policy wording for full list of exclusions

5. What are the circumstances are my Building, Renovation and Contents will be covered?
You are covered for the following Insured Events/Perils:
•           Fire, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Domestic Explosion;
•           Being hit by a third party object;
•           Theft or attempted theft accompanied by forcible entry;
•           Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks or pipes in Your Home;
•           Any natural disaster;
•           Riot, strike or malicious act by others
•           Please refer to page 3 of our policy wording for full list of insured events

6.Does Tiq Home Insurance cover damage as a result of water seepage or leakage?
Tiq Home Insurance will cover the damage if the root cause is due to the following:

Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks, apparatus or pipes from within the property insured or containing property insured but excluding damage thereto and loss or damage occurring whilst Your Home is left unoccupied for more than sixty (60) days.

7.Does Tiq Home Insurance cover popping of floor or bathroom tiles?
As this is not part of the list of Insured Events listed in the policy wording, it is not covered under Tiq Home Insurance.

8. Can I choose the amount of cover to the amount I want?
Yes, you can choose the amount of coverage you want for building, home contents, and renovation. There are also add-on options to suit your preferences.

9. How do I get the Emergency Cash Allowance?
Contact us at 9695 1338 or 8218 8521 in the event your home is uninhabitable due to an insured peril. This hotline is available 24 hours, 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays. A loss adjuster will be engaged to your location and approval will be within 24 hours of your notification to us. Emergency Cash Allowance payment will be credited to your Etiqa TiqConnect e-wallet which you can encash out via PayNow. Should the occurrence happen during the weekend or a Public Holiday, payment will be made on the next business day.

10. What can I use the Emergency Cash Allowance for?
There is no restriction on what you can use the Emergency Cash Allowance for. Once your house is deemed uninhabitable due to an insured peril, you may use it to arrange for alternative accommodation, transportation, food, clothes, etc… No further questions asked.

11. What is Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) service solution?
It is a complimentary benefit offered with purchase of 3 to 5-year Tiq Home insurance. A one-stop end-to-end service that is offered 24/7 to assist in major emergency repairs – plumbing, electricity, locksmith and pest control issues. You get covered up to $200 per event and up to 4 events per year.

12. What does Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) cover?

ServiceWhat’s coveredWhat’s not covered
Locksmith AssistanceIf you are locked out of your home or you have a broken key stuck in the lock, you can contact our 24 hour EHA hotline to arrange for a locksmith to assist you at your home.This service is not applicable if you are locked out of the bedroom in your home
Plumbing AssistanceIf your home has a clogged water supply or drainage system, or there is a leak in the water pipe(s), you can contact our 24 hour EHA hotline to arrange for a competent plumber to attend to and repair the problem.1. A leaking water tap which requires refurbishing, or
2. Leaking water heater/shower head, or
3. Water leaking from your celling(s) (exclusive of landed property) concealed water pipe(s)
Electrical AssistanceIn the event of a blackout due to lightning and circuit overload in your home or power supply circuit malfunction, you can contact our 24 hour EHA hotline to arrange for a competent electrician to attend to and repair the problem.Failure or malfunction of electrical appliances like televisions, refrigerators, rice cookers, ovens, water heaters, etc.
Pest Control ServicesIf your home is infested with pests such as bees, wasps, hornets, rodents and termites, you can contact our 24 hour EHA hotline to arrange for a pest control service to remedy the situation.Services made within the first three (3) months from the inception date of cover and the service does not cover recurring termite infestation.

13. What should I do to use the Emergency Home Assistance (EHA)?
If you experience any of the 4 emergencies stated above, call our 24 hour hotline 6702 2662 and our customer service officer will walk you through your situation. He will arrange for the appropriate tradesman to attend to your home. For repairs under $200, we will pay directly to the tradesman so there is no need for you to make any claims. Should the repair cost more than $200, you will be informed upfront before the tradesman attends to your home. Watch this video to see how it works.

14.What happens if a fire in my home damaged my neighbour’s home contents and injured my neighbours?
You are covered for personal legal liability and we will help you to compensate your neighbour for accidental death, loss or damage of property, legal cost and expenses up to the policy limits.

15. I am a tenant of the residence. Am I covered if I damaged my landlord’s property?
Yes, you are covered for the legal liability you suffer as a tenant for landlord’s buildings, renovation and contents.

16. I have expensive jewellery, artworks, and watches, are these items covered in full?
We only cover up to a maximum of $1,000 per item (excess of $100), and up to S$200 for works of art, paintings, antiques, etc, subject to the limits of the plan.

17. What happens if my building or contents are underinsured?

CoverShare that you are responsible for in the event of a claim

$300,000 (Amount you are under-insured by)

$500,000 (Full reinstatement cost as at date of loss)

$300,000/$500,000 = 60%

$100,000 (Amount you are under-insured by)

$200,000 (Full reinstatement cost as at date of loss)

$100,000/$200,000 = 50%

$40,000 (Amount you are under-insured by)

$50,000 (Full replacement cost as at date of loss)

$40,000/$50,000 = 80%

If there is a damage of $100,000 to your building, $50,000 to your renovations and $10,000 to your contents, you will be responsible to pay for $60,000 (60% of the damage on building), $25,000 (50% of damage on renovations) and $8,000 (80% of the damage on contents).

18.  I would like to know more about Personal Cyber Insurance, where can I refer?
You may refer to https://www.tiq.com.sg/product/personal-cyber-insurance/ for more information and find Personal Cyber Insurance FAQ here.

1. How do I file for a claim?
If you have an Etiqa TiqConnect account, please log onto TiqConnect to submit your claims. Otherwise, you may register for an account on our corporate website. Access can be created immediately. You may also contact our Customer Care hotline at 6887 8777.

A claim must be notified to us as soon as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of any event which may give rise to a claim. To report a claim, please call 9695 1338 or 8218 8521.

2. What documents do I need to make a claim?

Depending on the claim you wish to submit:

  • Receipts showing the date, price and place of purchase of the articles/property
  • Coloured photos showing the damaged property &/or CCTV footage showing circumstances of incident Post Mortem Report – if applicable Technical report from repairer on the cause and extent of the damaged property
  • At least 3 quotations for repair / replacement of the lost or damaged property
  • Police Report – For Theft and Burglary
  • All correspondences exchanged between you and the negligent third party



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