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ePROTECT motorcycle

1. How can I buy ePROTECT motorcycle?

The easiest way to get covered for ePROTECT motorcycle is through our online portal at www.tiq.com.sg. Click here to get a quotation today!

You could also call us on +65 6887 8777 or walk-in to our Customer Care office at One Raffles Quay, #22-01 North Tower, Singapore 048583.

2. When do I need to buy insurance for my motorcycle?

We recommend that you get yourself covered for ePROTECT motorcycle before you start riding the motorcycle or before your current insurance expires.

In Singapore, it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle on the road without a valid insurance policy. The minimum requirement is that the policy provides cover for personal injury to other parties.

ePROTECT motorcycle covers you for personal injury to third parties, it could also cover you for costs if you damage someone else’s property or for any other loss or damage, you might suffer in a motor accident.

​3. Who can buy ePROTECT motorcycle?​

You can be covered for ePROTECT motorcycle anytime if:

– You are the owner of a motorcycle.
– You use your motorcycle for personal purposes.
– You are between 18-65 of age
– You have a valid riding license

The insured must not have any class of licence suspended or cancelled in the last 3 years.

1. What is covered under ePROTECT motorcycle?

ePROTECT motorcycle provides coverage suitable for all motorcycle owners.

Our Comprehensive Plan covers loss, damages, theft, and also loss or damage to third party property cover of up to S$500,000

To learn more about ePROTECT motorcycle, click here.

2. Do you cover everyone who uses my motorcycle?

This depends on whether you have declared any named rider in your application. Your named rider will enjoy the same coverage as you.

3. What should I do if my motorcycle is stolen?

In the event that your motorcycle has been stolen, lodge a police report immediately and submit a claim with the copy of the report to us.

4. Does your insurance cover me for riding in Malaysia and/or Thailand?

Your policy covers you when you ride your motorcycle in Singapore, West Malaysia and Southern Thailand (Within 80km of the border between Thailand and Malaysia.)

5. Do you cover the accessories and spare parts on my motorcycle?

We will cover for accessories and spare parts if these were fitted as standard equipment by the maker or distributor at the time your motorcycle was originally bought and they were on your motorcycle at the time of the accident, loss or theft. We may pay in cash the amount of the loss or damage or may repair, reinstate or replace the motorcycle or any part thereof or its accessories or spare parts.

6. Do you cover any modifications done to my motorcycle?

Modifications and/or accessories are only covered if they are LTA-compliant.

7. What is the excess amount under my policy?

Policy excess starts from $300.Please refer to your Schedule or Certificate of Insurance for the exact amount. Do note that the excess applies for each and every accident claim.



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