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02 April 2020

Living in a Pandemic: How to Cope with the Impacts of COVID-19

From healthcare to economy, everyone is feeling the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what you can do to cope and #FlattenTheCurve.

01 April 2020

Here's Why You Should Keep Your E-Scooter

E-scooters may be banned on footpaths, but don’t let that get in the way of your lifestyle. Here’s why you should keep riding, and how to make the best of the situation.

27 March 2020

Social Distancing: What You Need to Know & How to Prepare for it?

Everyone has to adopt social distancing by MOH recommendation since the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what you can do to fill your time while staying at home.

26 March 2020

The Untold Benefits of Living Near Your Parents

Between sharing your childhood haunts with your children and the extra emergency backup, living near your parents is a way better idea than it sounds. Read more!

25 March 2020

9 Tips to Get Started with Life Insurance

Life insurance is not as complicated or expensive as you think. Here are 9 easy tips to help you get started!

20 March 2020

12 Essential Car Parts You Should Know and Their Functions

Here are 10 most important car parts every commercial car owner should know if you ever found yourself in an accident or in need of a DIY automobile repair

18 March 2020

5 Rules to Save Money for Single Women

Financial planning comes with its unique challenges for single women. Here are 5 savings tips to make the most out of multiple incomes to achieve your goals.

12 March 2020

Should You Hire an Experienced or First-Time Maid?

Unsure to hire an experienced or first-time maid? Each has its benefits. Read on to find the most suitable domestic helper for your home needs.

11 March 2020

Colorectal Cancer: 4 Important Things You Need to Know

Also known as colon cancer, colorectal cancer is 1 of the 3 leading cancers in Singapore. Find out the symptoms, causes of cancer and how to prevent it.

09 March 2020

Things to know about Good Friday and Easter

Celebrated for its religious significance, Easter also bears the odd mascots of a bunny and eggs. Where do these symbols come from? We’ve got the answers.

06 March 2020

5 Common Mistakes New Parents Make – And How To Make It Right

First time parenting? Being new parents come with its challenges. Avoid common mistakes and understand children behaviour better with these parenting tips

03 March 2020

Travellers’ Diaries: Useful Tips for Healthy and Safe Air Travel

From airport security trays to backseat table, we compiled a list of tips from fellow travellers to help us travel safer and healthier in air. Read on!

02 March 2020

10 Best Hardware Stores for All Your DIY Needs

Renovation project? Fixing a leaky pipe? Here are 10 best hardware stores to find tools and hardware equipment for all your DIY needs. This article is contributed by Singsaver.

28 February 2020

Does Eating Charred Food Really Give You Cancer?

You’ve heard that charred food can increase cancer risk. Does it really? We look at the evidence and what you can actually do for cancer prevention.

26 February 2020

What Your MBTI Type Says About Your Money Habits

Your personality type can influence your money habits and understanding them can make you better at handling your finances through insurance savings plans.

24 February 2020

How EHA is Solving Homeowners’ Problems in Singapore

Find out how Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) helped almost 300 Singaporean homeowners with plumbing, pest control and other problems | Tiq Home Insurance

21 February 2020

Why family travel can be disastrous – and how to make it right

Traveling with family can either be disastrous or seriously fun. Learn why family vacation go wrong and what travel plans can help overcome the challenges.

18 February 2020

6 Ways Our Customers are Growing Their Emergency Fund

We asked and you answered! Here’s how customers of Tiq are growing their savings for emergencies. Trust us – even we learnt a thing or two from you!

16 February 2020

Drive Safe: 5 Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Smartphone On The Road

Is it legal to use your smartphone while driving? Here’s a list of 5 dos and don’ts to clear your doubts on road safety regulations in Singapore.

14 February 2020

5 Deadly Motorcycling Myths, Debunked

These 5 myths about motorcycling could mean the difference between life and death. Find out why they’re wrong, and how you can ride even safer than before.

10 February 2020

Out of Stock? Best Alternatives to 4 Basic Healthcare Items

Essential healthcare items like face masks and disinfectants out-of-stock at retail outlets? Here are 7 ways to go back-to-basic with alternative products.

10 February 2020

Should You Still Travel?

The WHO global health emergency warning is out. Airlines are cancelling flights. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, should you still travel?

07 February 2020

Love Scam: Dangers of Online Dating in Singapore

What is Love Scam? A new online money scam that is prevalent in Singapore. Read on how to identify the red flags and prevent yourself from this cybercrime.

07 February 2020

5 Modern Cancer Myths – Debunked!

Cancer is the most common, yet misunderstood disease out there. Don’t let cancer misconceptions scare you. Here, we debunked 5 cancer myths for you.

06 February 2020

4 Most Romantic Destinations to Bend the Knee

She’s the One, but a proposal in Singapore just won’t do! If you’re looking for the perfect setting, check out these 6 romantic ideas in 4 travel destinations.

22 January 2020

Li Chun 2020: All You Need To Know About Savings

All you need to know about Li Chun 2020 and much more to boost your savings in the coming year of the Rat! HUAT ah!

21 January 2020

4 Balconies to Show Off This Chinese New Year

Take your home decorating outdoors this Chinese New Year! From plants to organising, here are 4 ways to breathe a little life into your balcony.

20 January 2020

5 Stress-Relieving Tips for Lunar New Year Travellers

Lunar New Year festivities can be stressful. Here’s your guide to doing the barest minimum before escaping on holiday!

16 January 2020

Cancer Insurance: 5 Important Reasons Why You Need One

It’s not just about hefty medical costs. Here are 5 important reasons for a standalone cancer insurance that covers all stages of the critical illness.

13 January 2020

7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Petrol Mileage

Do you want to save money on petrol consumption? Increase your petrol mileage and drive further by following these 7 easy steps from Tiq by Etiqa.

10 January 2020

Mobile Malware? You May Be Under Attack

Mobile malware is the secret threat you don’t yet know to be afraid of. But for a good many reasons, you should. Here’s how to know whether you’ve been attacked.

10 January 2020

5 Situations Where ePROTECT maid Insurance can Benefit You

Hiring a maid at home? Here are 5 situations in which ePROTECT maid insurance from Tiq by Etiqa can be beneficial for you.

08 January 2020

Welcome Back! 7 Tips to Deal with Post-Holiday Blues

Returned from a long vacation and experiencing the post-holiday blues? Follow these 7 tips to deal with it before making your next big vacation plan.

03 January 2020

Living Digital: 5 Easy Money Management Tips

Spending is made easy with online shopping and e-wallets, but what about money management? Here’s how to manage your money in today's digital age.

26 December 2019

5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

Whether it’s new car or used car, have a smoother purchasing experience with this list of things you need to consider before buying a car, from Tiq by Etiqa

23 December 2019

How Do I Estimate the Sum Insured for my Home?

Calculating replacement cost for home insurance can be tricky. Here is how to estimate the sum insured for your property

20 December 2019

Drinking Bubble Tea Can Affect Life Insurance Cost?

Before you continue your weekly regime of bubble tea indulgence, read this to protect your health, life insurance and wallet!

16 December 2019

Here’s Your Chance Against Singapore’s 5 Most Common Cancers

Cancer is scary and it’s okay to be afraid, but it doesn’t end there. Here’s everything you can do to reduce your risk of Singapore’s 5 most common cancers.

11 December 2019

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks for CNY 2020

We believe in “working smart, not working hard”! Here are 10 brilliant spring cleaning hacks to help you spruce up your home with minimal effort this CNY. Read on!

06 December 2019

White Christmas: 5 Cool Places to Visit Around Asia

Planning to travel during the festive season? Enjoy a white Christmas closer to home with this December travel destinations list from Tiq by Etiqa.

05 December 2019

Essential Tips for Travellers to Stay Safe during Civil Unrest

Despite the civil unrest, travel advisory and limited travel insurance coverage, you’re still going to travel. Well, at least read these tips to stay safe.

28 November 2019

Everything You Need to Make Cycling in Singapore a Breeze

Despite efforts to promote Singapore’s cycling culture, the country isn’t quite a bike haven yet. But with these tips to easy and fun rides, even the weather won’t deter you.

25 November 2019

5 Reasons Why Millennials Need to Start Saving for Retirement Now

Are millennials too young to start saving for retirement through wealth management? Investment should start early. Here is how to achieve financial freedom.

25 November 2019

How to Organise A Holiday Party At Home?

A cheat sheet to host a fun holiday party at home! From Christmas, to New Year and Chinese New Year, you can plan a great gathering with family and friends without too much effort. Here's how!

19 November 2019

World Toilet Facts Infographic

Not all toilets are made equal. When travelling, you’d have come across at least one toilet experience that left you thinking “WHAT?!”. You are not alone.

18 November 2019

8 Home Safety Risks (With Smart and Easy Solutions)

Unsure about the safety risks at home? Let’s work it out together and learn how a home contents insurance can fit into the picture.

15 November 2019

You’re Losing Money If You Don’t Use These Online Shopping Hacks!

When done skillfully, online shopping can help you to save time, effort and money. Here are 5 simple tips for Singaporeans to shop online!

14 November 2019

8 Tips Every Freelancer in Singapore Needs to Succeed

Everyone knows someone who’s gone freelance. If you’re looking over the fence, here are 8 sure-fire ways to succeed in the ever-uncertain freelance economy.

12 November 2019

Life Insurance Hacks To Make Adulting Easier

Adulting is tough, and 30s is not the new 20s! Learn life insurance hacks to close the protection gap at each life stage!

08 November 2019

7 Essential Road-Tripping Tips for Young Families

Young children can make bothersome travel companions, but here’s how to ensure everyone has a good road trip. Including you! Check out these 7 tips.

08 November 2019

Tiq Super Claw Game Cheat Sheet

Tiq Super Claw Game hints and answers to get you the coins you need for some fun catch! Prizes await, start browsing!

07 November 2019

Rainy Days and Rocky Futures? You’ll Need This!

Everyone needs an emergency fund. Here’s why, and how to start preparing for life’s unexpected expenses in just 90 days. Face the future with a smile!

01 November 2019

Starter Guide for Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia

Seeking new thrills in life? Take a deep breath and follow this starter guide for adventure travel in nearby destinations.

31 October 2019

Myths Vs Truth: Life Insurance for Young Families

How well are you protecting your family? Life insurance can help you in the long run, and it’s not rocket science. Read now to learn more!

28 October 2019

Things To Do In Batam That You Never Knew

Think Batam is only about cheap massages and seafood binges? Here are some fun places and things to do on the island city that shall change your mind!

22 October 2019

Cycling In SG Quiz: Are You Breaking The Law?

Are you a cyclist in SG? There are various rules on the road that you may not know. Take our fun quiz on cycling rules and safety tips now!

18 October 2019

5 Cycling Tips That Could Save Your Life

Everyone’s talking about bicycle safety these days, and we’re not about to disagree! Here are 5 reminders, from the law and otherwise, to cycle safe!

17 October 2019

Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance And Claims Benefits

Etiqa Insurance reveals the less-known facts about travel insurance, claims and tips. Find answers to frequently-asked-questions that are not often answered.

17 October 2019

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Deepavali

What is Deepavali about, and what are those beautiful patterns on the floor? Join the celebration with these 5 cool facts on the Festival of Lights.

15 October 2019

Road Rage: Losing It Behind The Wheels?

Pulling punches and throwing bottles… road rage cases in Singapore has led to fines, driving bans and jail. Are you losing it too? Read on to curb your anger.

09 October 2019

Checklist: Are You Ready for an Insurance Savings Plan?

Ready to take the next step with your personal finances? Here’s our checklist on how to know if insurance savings plans are for you!

09 October 2019

No Emergency Home Assistance? You are missing out!

Learn all you need to know about this important home insurance feature before purchasing any home protection plan.

01 October 2019

Can You Buy Last Minute Travel Insurance?

Frequent travellers would know this: anything can happen on the road. Travel insurance is essential, but when’s the best time to buy? Read this.

27 September 2019

How to Choose a Suitable Home Insurance in Singapore

Are you ready to go back to the basics to find out what home insurance in Singapore really entails? Here's sharing how you can choose the right home protection plan that fits you best.

25 September 2019

6 Best Platforms For Online Courses

Schools out, but you can keep learning! Take online courses from top international universities on these 6 great platforms.

24 September 2019

We Thought We Knew India Until We Travelled There

It’s dirty, chaotic and off your travel list. Is this how you perceive India to be? Read this with an open mind and be ready to see things in new perspective.

20 September 2019

Practical Renovation Guide for New Homeowners in Singapore

A crucial renovation guide that all new homeowners in Singapore should know! Learn how to prepare and handle your home renovation project like a Pro!

19 September 2019

8 Mobile Apps Every Singaporean Driver Should Have

Driving in Singapore can be a stressful experience, but not with these 8 mobile applications! Stay cool on the roads with this guide.

17 September 2019

How to Continue Saving during the Festive Season?

This Christmas and 2020 Lunar New Year are just a month apart! Here’s what you can do to continue saving easily during the festive seasons.

16 September 2019

Green Cleaning Tips for Homeowners and Domestic Helpers

“Warning: Toxic!” It’s time to adopt green cleaning alternatives for the sake of your maid and household members.

13 September 2019

Does Personal Mobility Insurance Cover PMD Fires?

PMD-related fires are happening once too often. Learn how to prevent them with practical tips and understand what your Personal Mobility Insurance covers.

12 September 2019

eEASY save V vs ELASTIQ? Which Should I Choose?

Finding it a challenge to save in Singapore? Here’s a direct comparison on eEASY save V and ELASTIQ insurance savings plans to help you save smarter!

11 September 2019

The Singaporean’s Guide to House Pest Control

Pest invasion at home? For when you’re done screaming, here’s everything you need to know to keep these unwelcome visitors from your crib, for good!

29 August 2019

A Weekend Guide by Locals for Travellers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking for a weekend trip idea to escape Singapore? Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with these recommendations from our local friends there.

27 August 2019

Your 2020 Long Weekend Cheatsheet

More getaways? Sign us up! Here’s how to make the most of your 2020 long weekends and our hot travel picks for every occasion.

21 August 2019

What To Do When You’ve Been Hacked

For everyone online, it pays to be prepared for the worst. Here’s what you should do if your account or device has been hacked

16 August 2019

Cheap Ways to Stay Connected While Travelling Abroad

From Wi-Fi hunting to latergramming, we explore the best ways to stay connected easily (and affordably) while travelling abroad!

13 August 2019

Are You Safe At Home This 7th Lunar Month?

Legend has it that spirits might haunt you if you were to disturb their rest due to your renovation works…Seriously? Learn more now!

08 August 2019

To Mod or not to Mod: The Ins and Outs of Car Warranty

Want to stand out from the crowd? Here’s everything you need to know about car modifications and keeping your warranty intact.

06 August 2019

Travel Packing Made Easy

Check out our easy travel packing guide with useful tips! Don’t be caught by unexpected weather change or excess baggage fees again!

01 August 2019

4 Family-Friendly Nature Routes Around Singapore for the National Day Weekend

Love nature? If you don’t yet have plans for the National Day long weekend, check out these family-friendly nature routes around Singapore

26 July 2019

5 Tips to Settle Your New Maid In

New environments can be a lot to take in. As an employer, here’s how you can help your new maid adjust to life in your household

23 July 2019

We Consulted a Home Defects Inspector and Here’s What He Said

Small defects can lead to great problems if not resolved. Let's learn from industry expert, Advance Inspection on common defects in new flats.

19 July 2019

Why do People Buy Life Insurance?

Not convinced about life insurance yet? Here’s how financial planning for the long term can protect both you and your loved ones.

17 July 2019

3 Amazing Southeast Asian Cities to Show Off to Visiting Friends

Friends from overseas visiting Southeast Asia? Here are 3 unique cities in the region you should be proud to show off to them

12 July 2019

How to Explain Cyber Security to the Young and Old

Most of our not-so-tech-savvy elders have actually taught us the basics of how to stay safe online. Read on for these easy cyber security tips!

10 July 2019

Must-Know About Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF Scheme)

A simple infographic on the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF Scheme) for potential policy holders! Your insurance is likely to be protected.

03 July 2019

Look Out For These Common Problems In Old HDB Flats

A family in Ang Mo Kio suffered stink and filth from the sewage for two days. Learn common problems of old HDB flats to avoid greater costs in future!

01 July 2019

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Somebody could be stealing your personal data from the public Wi-Fi that you are happily connected to. Stay safe online on-the-go with our useful tips.

26 June 2019

Working From Home? Make Your Home Work for You

Make the most of your flexible working arrangement with these tips to make your home the perfect space for productive work!

24 June 2019

5 Practical Ways to Accessorise Your E-Scooter

Tired of more of the same? Give your e-scooter a practical makeover so you can stay safe on the streets and cruise in style!

20 June 2019

Unconventional Advice for Financial Planning as a Couple

Planning finances with your partner? Here are a few unconventional tips that keep money from getting in the way of your life together.

17 June 2019

How to Save Half the Cost When Renewing Your Maid’s Contract

Maid agencies impose fees when they help renew your maid’s Work Permit and maid insurance. Read now to learn how you can save by doing the renewal yourself.

13 June 2019

Gift Ideas for Car-Loving Dads

Looking for the best gift for Dad or the special man in your life? Check out our recommended car accessories and enhancements!

12 June 2019

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Dad

From handmade leather wallets to urban farming workshops, here are some thoughtful gift ideas for the special man of your household. Read now!

06 June 2019

Legit Tips to Travel Cheaper during Peak Holiday Seasons

If you absolutely have to travel out of Singapore during peak seasons, here’s how you can save on transportation, accommodation, time and effort!

04 June 2019

Things To Do In Johor Bahru (JB) On A Weekend!

If you have always been wondering on what's the appeal across the borders, here's an easy guide on things to do in JB for a weekend. Good food, great fun, and oh so affordable!

30 May 2019

ELASTIQ vs SAVE3? Which should I choose?

The days are long but the years are short. Here’s why and how you can optimise your savings with SAVE3 and ELASTIQ insurance savings plans at Tiq by Etiqa.

28 May 2019

Holiday Camps in Indonesia That You’d Never Have Thought Of

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and enriching experience, here are some interesting holiday camps in Indonesia for your family!

22 May 2019

Is Home Insurance the same as my HDB Fire Insurance?

Let’s set the record straight, especially when it involves our home and all that we love. Learn the misconceptions and truth on home insurance here!

17 May 2019

Smart Student Savings Guide: Have Fun With Funds

Money not enough to buy bubble tea? Bid the poor student’s money woes goodbye with these simple money-saving tips!

16 May 2019

When should you opt for private settlement?

Got into a car accident? What if the accident is a minor one? Should you settle in private or continue to claim from your insurer? Read to find out!

13 May 2019

4 Handy Home Renovation Apps For Your House Plan

Planning a renovation can be a challenging task, but these home reno apps are readily available to help you breeze through your next house plan.

10 May 2019

Mother’s Day Special: What’s your Mum like?

Laid-back, tech-savvy, travel-loving or the Super Mum – which best describes the lady in your life? Let’s hear some stories this Mother’s Day!

09 May 2019

Watch Drama Online with Mum on these Online Streaming Providers

Tired of waiting for the new episode to be broadcasted on television? Here’re some useful apps and websites for Singaporean viewers to watch dramas online.

08 May 2019

What to do this weekend at Koh Samet, Thailand

Off the beaten track, Koh Samet with sun, sand and vitamin sea could be the perfect relaxing trip to couple with your annual Bangkok shopping holiday!

07 May 2019

5 Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfasts in Bed

You were raised on her cooking, so give back to Mum this Mother’s Day with a breakfast in bed that will knock any Sunday brunch out of the park!

02 May 2019

5 Fun Affordable Travel Ideas with Mum

From cultural experiences to voluntourism on a cruise journey, here are 5 fun and unique travel experiences for you to share with your mum.

02 May 2019

Mother’s Day Special: Celebrating the Laidback Mom and her Helper

Amidst the chaos of the household, she always manages to keep her cool. Sound familiar? Here are 5 ways to show appreciation to your laidback mom this Mother’s Day!

25 April 2019

Gotcha! There you are! (Use Location Services Safely)

You may have forgotten where you went for lunch last month but there’s a high chance that your phone knows. Find out what location services really entails.

23 April 2019

How to Choose the Right Maid for Your Home

Looking for help in the house? Every maid is different! Here are our tips on choosing the right maid to restore order to your home!

18 April 2019

Money Not Enough to Have a Baby in Singapore?

Baby bonus, CDA benefits, PTR… Are you aware of the benefits of having a baby in Singapore? Here’s a simple list for parents-to-be!

10 April 2019

Money Not Enough for Home Renovation?

Short of renovation budget for your new home? Here’s a guide to home renovation loan in Singapore. Alternative solution included.

08 April 2019

You Won’t Believe Why These Flights Were Delayed

We fervently wish never to encounter a flight delay or travel disruption, especially if it is due to one of these bizarre reasons such as lucky coins!

04 April 2019

Baby-proofing Tips That Are Actually Useful For Parents-To-Be

Want to keep the newest members of your family safe at home? Don't leave it to the last minute -- start planning with these baby-proofing tips.

01 April 2019

Where to get good money advice?

From enrichment courses to robo advisors, how and where you can get good money advice? Our leaders at Etiqa Insurance have something to share too!

28 March 2019

Adulting: Where to Begin?

<p>The panic of suddenly realising you have to get your life together is something everybody experiences as least once in their youth. Take adulting one step at a time with our list of things to look out for.</p>

21 March 2019

4 Smart Space Saving Tips for a Minimalist Home

<p>Is space a constraint at home? Or simply can’t stand clutter? You’ll find these 4 smart space saving tips useful in achieving a minimalist home!</p>

19 March 2019

Can You Spot the Difference?

<p>Spotting the difference of these images can help you beyond fighting boredom. Take cyber security to the next level in an easy, fun way.</p>

14 March 2019

Converting to Freelance? Here’s What Insiders Are Saying

The 4-hour work week sounds like a dream, but if you are thinking of going freelance, we have some insiders’ insights to share.

08 March 2019

Hat Yai Weekend Itinerary: Tips, Tricks and Fun Things To Do

<p>Tired of Bangkok? Visit Hat Yai, Thailand for a fun weekend trip! Think Thai hospitality, yummy food and many hipster things to do! Itinerary included.</p>

07 March 2019

Survival Guide To Common Travel Problems

<p>From common flight delays to the Paris Syndrome, travel has a way of catching us unaware. Unexpected yet common, such travel problems can ruin your holiday but there are ways to turn things around.</p>

05 March 2019

Should You Change Your Job?

<p>More than just a resume, a successful career change calls for good preparation and some courage. It is not rocket science but read this before you take the leap.</p>

04 March 2019

Things They Don’t Tell You About Annual Travel Insurance

<p>There’s more to annual multi-trip travel insurance plans than meets the eye. Learn about hidden savings and how they differ from single trip plans.</p>

28 February 2019

Is There Really A Flexible Endowment Plan? Meet ELASTIQ

<p>Signing up for an endowment plan feels like getting married. With ELASTIQ, you get the benefits while enjoying flexibility. Too good to be true? Read on!

25 February 2019

Alternative Plans For Your Domestic Helper While You Travel

<p>Leaving your domestic helper with your relatives during your trip? You could be flouting the law! Fret not, here are options to consider while you travel.</p>

22 February 2019

Escape The Crowd At Koh Lipe, Thailand

Not exactly a hidden gem, but we bet you have not explored the Maldives of Thailand. #TiqOff with us and our Koh Lipe guide for a beach escapade.

13 February 2019

5 Things I Learnt From A Cyber Security Workshop

This workshop by Etiqa and COMAT taught me some useful personal cyber security practices that’s more than just insurance.

08 February 2019

Top 5 Purifying Indoor House Plants That Are True Survivors

Looking for ways to spruce up your home? These 5 best house plants are beautiful, fuss-free and will turn your home into a lush indoor healing sanctuary!

29 January 2019

Things To Do During 2019 CNY Public Holiday Besides Visiting Families

What can one do in Singapore besides family gatherings during 2019 CNY public holiday? Read on and start planning a fun and alternative festive experience!

28 January 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Endowment Plans

There’s an art to everything, including savings. Learn all about endowment plans and why it is a popular financial tool among Singaporeans.

17 January 2019

Top Places For Your CNY 2019 Holiday

Planning a Chinese New Year 2019 Grand Escapade? Be it a solo trip or travel with loved ones, check out these CNY travel destinations for last minute bookings!

17 January 2019

Is Your Car Ready For Chinese New Year?

From car servicing to cultural practices, here are awesome tips to prepare your car for CNY 2019 and countdown towards great prosperity in the Year of the Pig!

04 January 2019

4 Top Tips for a Match “Maid” in Heaven

Practical tips to insure your domestic helper and assure your household. Do these to avoid maids in debt or transfer costs!

27 December 2018

6 Money-Saving Tips That Can Save You S$28,000+ For Your Wedding

Number ‘6’ is associated with balance, responsibility and love. These 6 tips shall help you save S$28,000+ for your wedding in Singapore!

18 December 2018

5 Family-Friendly Holiday Destinations To Visit With Your Parents

Family-friendly holiday destinations with activities based on convenience, ease of travel, safety and fun! Bringing your family on a holiday can be a breeze!

07 December 2018

How To Choose A Suitable Travel Insurance

Taking chances and skipping travel insurance to save a few bucks? Here's why getting the right travel insurance matters and how you can get the right one!

29 November 2018

Long Weekends for 2019: How To Maximise All The Public Holidays in Singapore

The number 9 is usually associated with longevity. For 2019, the symbolism couldn't be more appropriate as it matches the number of travel opportunities you get to enjoy a well-deserved break.

27 November 2018

Financial Psychology Quiz: Are You A Millionaire In The Making?

You just received a windfall of S$1 million, what will you do with it? Discover your secret financial persona through deciphering common, daily situations!

21 November 2018

5 Winter Travel Tips That’s Uniquely Singapore

Jetting off for a winter holiday this festive season? Be it Hokkaido or Iceland, we have 5 uniquely Singaporean travel tips that are essential for you to enjoy the cold!

07 November 2018

Traditional vs Smart Home (Part 2)

In this part 2 of Traditional vs Smart Home, we continue to explore and compare traditional tools vs smart home devices in Singapore. Are these automated creature comforts worth its hefty costs?

01 November 2018

5 Reasons To Respect The Underrated Friend Zone

Unrequited love can be heart-breaking and we can all do away with the pain, but it is a necessity for self-growth. The same applies to the Friend Zone. It may not be as bad as you think, and here’s why!

30 October 2018

Things to Know About LTA New Regulations For PMDs

Being hit by a personal mobility device (PMD) is like being struck with a force that’s nine times of an average person’s punch. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Read these latest PMD-related guidelines to stay safe on the path!</span>

25 October 2018

What Motorcycle Suits You and Your Personality?

From motorbikes that go fast and furious to your good ol’ reliable wheels, motorcycles of different styles channel different vibes. Take our quiz below to determine your true biker style!

18 October 2018

Easy Peasy Ways To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Savings Goals

Trying to save is like trying to lose weight. To achieve savings goals, stay motivated with this easy 6-step motivation guide through your budget diet!

02 October 2018

Revealing Tiq Home Insurance – The Insider’s Story

There’s no place like home… and there’s no home protection plan like Tiq Home Insurance. Folllow us as we reveal the making of Tiq Home Insurance, which took root from a 2018 in-house consumer study on common household concerns.

26 September 2018

A Guide On Maximising Your Honeymoon Travel

Is honeymoon really a short period of doting between dating and debting? Newlyweds, <span style="font-size: 1rem;">here are some travel tips to get the best deals out of your romantic vacation while impressing your partner!</span>

25 September 2018

Retirement Ready: How Millennials Are Changing The Saving Game

Are millennials really spoilt and spendthrift? Let's take a look at how the younger generation are changing the saving game, so that they can retire in greater style. Infographic included.

05 September 2018

Mooncakes and Tea Pairing To Relish A Beautiful Mid-Autumn

A match made in TIQ, so you can have your mooncake and eat it, without a bloated stomach! Here’s the best tea and mooncakes pairing this Mid-Autumn reunion.

04 September 2018

Common Cyber Threats in Simple Human Language

Want to go safe online? Tech jargons give us headaches too! Learn six common cyber threats in simple human language and how you can reduce online risks.

31 August 2018

Term Life Insurance vs Mortgage Insurance

To protect our loved ones from unexpected debts, mortgage insurance or term life insurance are tools that we can consider. If you have been wondering which option to choose, read this article for further insights.

30 August 2018

Hiring a Part-Time Helper vs Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

Hiring a maid in Singapore to help with housework? Assess the pros and cons of a part-time helper or a foreign domestic worker before making your choice.

10 August 2018

What To Do In An Emergency When You Are Overseas?

Disasters like the Lombok earthquake hit close to home and call for precaution. Do these 13 things in case an emergency arises when you are overseas.

08 August 2018

Traditional vs Smart Home (Part 1)

Tiq Insurance looks into home essentials, and compares traditional tools vs smart home devices in Singapore. Is home automation worth its hefty costs?

02 August 2018

A Guide to Nostalgic Places In Singapore This National Day!

It’s our nation’s 53rd birthday! Check out these nostalgic local landmarks around Singapore with your family to learn and strengthen the roots of our being.

31 July 2018

You know how to save BUT…

“Where have my money gone”?! Do you find yourself wondering this at the end of the month? Well, you are not the only one.

17 July 2018

What is your travel personality?

Knowing your travel personality can help you to plan a good itinerary and choose the right travel partner. What sort of traveller are you?

17 July 2018

Stay Sane, Be Flexible: 5 Easy Yoga Poses & Apps To Get You Started

Yoga can keep you sane, just like the right home insurance in the event of a home emergency. Here are 5 easy yoga poses and apps to get you started.

17 July 2018

Rolling the Pineapple & Other Home Rituals For Good Wishes

Let a cat enter first, roll the pineapple, and replace the broom! These rituals are done to bless new homes and give peace of mind. Did you do any of these?

17 July 2018

Fire Safety 101: A Panic-Free Infographic To Battle Home Fires

A home safety infographic by Etiqa Insurance on fire statistics in Singapore and things to do if your home catches fire. Running is not the best idea.

08 July 2018

Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) 101 – Are You Asking The Same Questions?

A young working adult gets her questions on Direct Purchase Life Insurance (DPI) answered by Etiqa. Helpful links and tools included.

08 July 2018

Have Kids Can Travel: 7 Fun Places To Visit This Holiday

Wanderlust shouldn’t be over when you have kids. Check out these useful travel tips and kid-friendly places that are less than 5 hours from Singapore!