5 Tips to Stay Safe at Home

Even as restrictions have eased (hello Phase 3 Heighted Alert!), and we can now dine out in groups of 2, there is still a worrying issue of new clusters with community linked infections. With the introduction of newer and more viral COVID-19 strains (B1617, I’m looking at you), it is more important now than ever to stay safe and stay home. Find out how you can protect yourself and your family with the following tips.

1. Build your own social bubble

You may have seen the viral message by NCID director Dr David Lye that was circulating on WhatsApp. In it, he shares that the public can help combat the current wave of infections by going beyond government guidelines to form their own social bubble.

Unlike the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble, keep your bubble ironclad by having social contact only with a select group of people (i.e. your family and household members), and ensure they limit their social contact with others too.

2. Take precautions and sanitise frequently

Mask up when you head out (sorry, no badge! But we must do what needs to be done!), when you are sick, and even when you are opening the door to collect your deliveries. While that last point may sound like overkill, recent reports on the coronavirus being airborne prove that it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution.

If you are heading out, choose masks with good filtration capability. This includes surgical masks or reusable masks with at least two layers of fabric or those that allow for filter inserts.

At the same time, consider sanitising the external items that come through your doors. This includes wiping your groceries down, and washing your fruit and vegetables properly, because really, who knows how many hands or surfaces it has touched at the supermarket? Especially if it came from a particular Sheng Shiong, NTUC FairPrice outlet or wet market.

It also goes without saying that you should wash your hands frequently with soap, antibacterial or not. Definitely do it before cooking, at mealtimes, and before you touch your face or eyes, to reduce the risk of catching any virus or bacteria.

3. Go online to reduce exposure

Instead of busting your leg out to snatch the last tray of eggs at the supermarket or risk going shoulder to shoulder with strangers as you hop onto public transportation, shop online to eliminate unnecessary exposure.

Almost everything is available online these days, with supermarkets and small grocers on platforms like Deliveroo and Shopee. As you shop online more often, be extra vigilant against online scams.

Similarly, with work-from-home (WFH) and home-based learning (HBL) becoming the norm, guard against potential cyber attacks by securing your home Wi-Fi network and following these tips for working remotely.

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4. Make your house liveable

Since home is where you’ll be spending most of your time for the foreseeable future, make it a safe and comfortable space for all occupants.

For starters, invest some time and energy into maintaining your house. Keep it clean by sanitising surfaces such as door knobs or fridge handles that are used regularly.

Tidy up; removing clutter not only leads to a better mental state but also eliminates any potential fire hazards. Especially now that everyone is working from home, make sure your electronics are set up right and your sockets aren’t overloaded.

Check that your appliances are working fine or risk sharing the same fate as these residents with a faulty fridge. After all, you don’t want your only sanctuary to burn up in flames like this condominium unit in Sengkang.

In addition, ensure you are protected against home safety risks such as faulty wires, water damage or even getting locked out, which are more common than you think.

While you can’t avoid the inconvenience when such situations occur, you can defray potential expenses with Tiq Home Insurance, which offers coverage of up to S$2 million for building, S$1 million for renovations and S$150,000 for home contents.

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5. Save for an even rainier day

Let’s be real. Things may not be at its peak now, but they are definitely not the worst either. Just as how measures taken this period are pivotal in Singapore’s fight against COVID-19, this could also be a good time for you to review your life protection gap and turn the tide in your favour.

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It doesn’t seem that hard to boost your savings and protection now, does it?

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Stay safe at home and live your best life

It’s been over a year since the coronavirus hit our shores, and still there is no end in sight. But life goes on and the only thing to do now is to make the best out of the situation.

While you can’t change much about the present, what you can do is make preparations for a better future, and that includes staying safe, saving more and ensuring your protection needs are met.


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