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A lady holding a pineapple to be rolled in a new home for luck

Rolling the Pineapple & Other Home Rituals For Good Wishes

Your Home Sure Okay. Double Confirm! Across the globe and right here in our little red dot, interesting home traditions and customs abound. From letting a cat enter first to rolling the pineapple and replacing the old broom, these traditional rituals for new homes serve a sole purpose: to bless your home and give peace

How to Choose a Suitable Home Insurance in Singapore

More than just a shelter and four walls, a house is usually one of our most valued assets. Yet, it is easy to overlook essential home protection over daily needs. Despite our best efforts to manage our household and take care of our home contents, some things are just unavoidable. Therefore, a comprehensive home insurance with suitable coverage is

Fire Safety 101: A Panic-Free Infographic To Battle Home Fires

“It won’t happen to me.” Some called it the safety myth while others termed it the “optimism bias” where one believes that we are excluded from potential negative effects, and disregard the reality of an overall situation. This mind-set has certainly settled in the majority of Singapore residents who believe that they are unlikely to

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Is Home Insurance the same as my HDB Fire Insurance?

Many homeowners have the impression that home insurance is complicated and it’s an additional cost to their already stretched housing budget. The truth is, for a relatively small amount, you can obtain insurance coverage that could save you tens of thousands of dollars in the event of a fire or some other type of accident

Father and son high five

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Dad

Did it slipped your mind that Father’s Day is around the corner? In 2017, more than 900 respondents in a five-country survey revealed that half of dads surveyed said they had most commonly received nothing for Father’s Day. Be it Mum or Dad, our parents have always been main supporting figures in our lives. Having

Overjoyed young Asian mom and cute little biracial daughter have fun dancing in living room together, happy millennial mother play involved in funny activity with small Vietnamese girl child at home

Healthy Ways to Keep the Kids Busy at Home

It’s coming to two months since the Circuit Breaker began, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Now more than ever, you’d do anything for a bit of peace, if only just to hand them the smartphone in return for some silence. While your parental instinct advises otherwise, you’re quickly running out of options.

A mother and her child washing hands together at the sink to save water

7 Tips to Save Water at Home during Circuit Breaker

Have you been frequently washing your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Great! It has been proven to be more effective than hand sanitiser. But is it also hiking up the water bill? Don’t fret! Here are 7 ways you can save water during this Circuit

Remote working safety is a priority for all those working from home

Work from Home: 7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Online Dangers

COVID-19 is forcing companies to accelerate their digital transformation. While working from home can help #FlattenTheCurve, it can also expose you to cyber threats. More people are telecommuting and in desperate need for remote working safety. As one of the leading digital insurers in Singapore, Tiq by Etiqa wants you to stay safe online by

Bouquet specific to Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Special: What’s your Mum like?

To our mothers, biological or otherwise, and to all strong women in our lives, Happy Mother’s Day! Did you catch our 4 Mother’s Day Special articles? Laid-back, travel-loving, tech-savvy or the Super Mum – which category does your mother fall into? 1. The Laid-Back Mum Image credit: Unsplash This mum keeps her cool even in the most stressful of situations

Modern architecture and flats at Keppel Bay

Destination Condo: Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Home

It’s been nearly 5 years since you collected the keys to your first home. Your little HDB flat is wonderful in every way – beautiful furniture, a splendid view and great neighbours. But now the time has come for you to look for a new space to accommodate your dreams, and perhaps even those of

Mother and child at home

The Untold Benefits of Living Near Your Parents

It’s dinnertime and business as usual. Too much interruption and bickering, this time about something different… but always the same. You leave the dining table and retreat to the relative silence of your room, a space your mother has had too much say in decorating. Thankfully, an exit strategy is in the works. Trust us