The Untold Benefits of Living Near Your Parents

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Mother and child at home

It’s dinnertime and business as usual. Too much interruption and bickering, this time about something different… but always the same. You leave the dining table and retreat to the relative silence of your room, a space your mother has had too much say in decorating. Thankfully, an exit strategy is in the works. Trust us – we understand the impulse to spread your wings and soar far, far away. But as you house hunt, here’s a last-ditch attempt at convincing you why it’s not a bad idea to live near parents.

#1 You get help with the mortgage

HDB flat in Singapore

Family is important and the government knows it. They’re letting you know they know, by offering Proximity Housing Grant of up to S$20,000 for couples and S$10,000 for singles looking to buy resale HDB flats, a maximum of 4km from your parents. That’s significant savings to live near parents. Money is money, and we’re not about to refuse. 

#2 Because empty nest syndrome is real

For decades, your parents have built their lives around caring for the family. The void left by your departure is one not easily filled and often outlined by overwhelming loneliness and even grief. Letting your parents know you are close by and available for them can ease the transition for both sides. Even visiting home for dinner once a week can become a significant part of your parents’ weekly routine, and something they can look forward to.

And don’t pretend you’re not going to miss them too!

#3 Because it takes a village to raise a child

Family activities at home

Your new surroundings make room for family planning, and knowing your parents are close by and willing to help can ease some of the burden. Pending compliance with the terms dictated by the Ministry of Manpower, mothers of Singaporean children receive 16 weeks of maternity leave, and fathers receive 2 weeks of government-funded paternity leave.

If you live near parents, they can guide you as you get used to your new role as a parent, and furthermore help care for the child or guide the domestic helper after you resume your professional duties.

However, do remember to ask for your parents’ help instead of assuming they will offer.

#4 Convenience with food preparation

They say a family that eats together stays together. While only metaphorical in intention, sharing a meal can mean buying ingredients in bulk, which means money saved, and preparation for more people at a go, which saves a great deal of effort. Meanwhile, cooking can easily be turned into a family activity. Get the kids set up with child-safe knives slicing some mushrooms while you pick up tips from the pros.

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#5 Give your parents a meaningful retirement

Happy grandmother and toddler grandson at home

With the extra time on their hands, your parents may benefit from taking time to bond with their grandchildren. Our time on earth is fleeting and every moment a grandparent has to spend with grandchild is precious. This connection is one that your parents will treasure forever.

#6 For emergency backup

Stuck at work or in desperate need of respite? Living near your parents means it’s easy for them to take over looking after the kids if the need should ever arise. This means you can complete your tasks or take a date night to yourselves knowing the little ones are in good hands.

#7 Be surrounded by the people you love

There’s no place like home, and certainly nothing like coming home to a familiar neighbourhood, where everything is as it should be. Now, you have a chance to share the setting of your childhood with your loved ones and watch them grow up around the people you care for. Perhaps you’ll come to find that it is the best idea to live near parents after all.


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