12 Fast & Easy Life Hacks When Staying at Home Gets Too Much

Mother and daughter having fun using life hacks in the kitchen

Life doesn’t slow down just because you have to stay at home. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more hectic now that shops are closed and you need to work from home. We could all use a little help, be it with finance, healthcare or just chores around the house. As an advocate for “Easy to buy, Fast to Claim”, here’s taking a step further with 12 easy life hacks to make staying at home a breeze!

Health Hacks

Drink water + lemon

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Squeeze some fresh lemons in a huge bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Other than the immune system boost you get from vitamin C, lemon water can also aid in weight loss, skin health and digestion. It takes less than a minute to prepare and you can enjoy it to cool down in the hot weather.

HIIT to stay fit

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best workout option right now as it burns the most calories without equipment or large space. And you only need 15-30 minutes! Keep yourself fit while remaining indoors by following online workout videos. If you’re looking to wind down for the day, why not try yoga or meditation?

Prep your meals

Plan what you want to eat for the next 3 to 5 days. Cook the food in batches and store them in containers in the fridge. Just heat them up when it’s time to eat. This will save you trips to the grocery store and help with social distancing as you only have to buy the ingredients once a week instead of every day. Save time, save money and stay healthy.

Savings Hacks

Unplug to save on utility bills

A woman, who is working from home, sitting on a sofa near the windows to practice the life hack of saving electricity

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Working from home? If possible, use a laptop rather than a desktop. Plugging in your desktop consumes energy from 9am to 6pm, whereas with a laptop, you can unplug when the battery is full and only charge when necessary. Also, sit in a well-lit area, like near the balcony or window, so you can switch off lights during the day while you’re working.

DIY maintenance

Save money by doing simple maintenance work yourself. Learn about car parts and maintain your car by checking the battery and tyre pressure. You can also do your own home repairs like plumbing and wiring, or if you have Tiq Home Insurance with Emergency Home Assistance (EHA), you need not worry about common home emergencies.

Keep the change

At the end of every day, put small change and loose coins in a jar. You’ll be surprised how much you have at the end of the month. Have some spare change to save? Grow your wealth with Tiq 3-Year Endowment Plan, a short-term insurance savings plan that provides high guaranteed returns of 1.68% p.a. upon maturity. It comes with life protection and Financial Assistance Benefit for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), so you’re always prepared during unpredictable times.

Cleaning Hacks

Organise bed sheets inside matching pillowcases

Life hacks: Folded bed sheets neatly packed in matching pillowcases

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Declutter your bed sheets by folding them neatly and sliding them inside matching pillowcases. This helps save more space when storing them and makes changing bed sheets so much easier in the future.

Keep expired cards for cleaning

Need to scrape off greasy food pieces from pans, pots and table tops? Keep expired credit cards or gift cards near the sink and use them when necessary. This can also help your maid save time since she won’t have to scrub for so long or wash the oily scrubber with more detergent. Enjoy 25% + 5% OFF ePROTECT maid insurance on Fridays and visit our promotions page for more exciting deals!

Use shaving cream as a quick stain remover

Got a nasty stain on your shirt? Gently rub some non-gel shaving cream on the stain, let it dry, and then throw it in the washer. Shaving cream contains similar active ingredients as household soap. You can also use similar technique on carpets and bed sheets. Apply shaving cream on the stain, but instead of using the washing machine, just blot with a damp towel and the stain should disappear.

Safety Hacks

Repel mosquitoes using scents

One of the best life hacks of using non-toxic essential oils to repel insects

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Prevent mosquitoes by using non-toxic scented candles or essential oils made from eucalyptus, lemon or lavender. Don’t want to take any chances? With our enhanced ePROTECT safety, you get extended coverage for infectious diseases including Dengue Fever and receive pay out if you are diagnosed with it.

Disinfect surfaces with vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid that can kill bacteria and germs, which is why people use it as a preservative. This also makes it an alternative for disinfectants. No alcohol sanitiser? Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Use this solution to wipe and disinfect any surface. Do keep in mind to avoid spraying alcohol-based disinfectants near flames, such as around the kitchen, as it can cause fire.

Ensure the alarms are working

Speaking of fire, always check that your door alarm, smoke detector and fire alarm are functional with the batteries fully usable.

#TiqOurWord Inflammable and flammable mean the same thing: Easily set on fire. Just thought you should know.

Take it easy at home

A family enjoying time together during the Circuit Breaker

We hope you can benefit from these life hacks and make your stay at home livelier. As your leading digital insurer in Singapore, we encourage you to re-evaluate your level of preparedness either with your savings and chores around the house, or in times of crisis. With products that are easy to buy, and fast to manage and claim, we’re here to help you ease the burdens in your life. Have you #Tiq yet?


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