How would you describe your mother?

Mother’s Day Special: What’s your Mum like?

To our mothers, biological or otherwise, and to all strong women in our lives, Happy Mother’s Day! Did you catch our 4 Mother’s Day Special articles? Laid-back, travel-loving, tech-savvy or the Super Mum – which category does your mother fall into?

1. The Laid-Back Mum

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This mum keeps her cool even in the most stressful of situations and holds the fort down with the assistance of her trusty domestic helper. With the home in order, she finds time for the finer things in life – anything from a facial to high tea with friends!

2. The Tech-Savvy Mum

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She knows about pop culture trends even before you do, and will wax ceaselessly on about the newest plot twist in her favorite drama series. From viral social media videos to online recipes, this is one connected woman.

3. The Travel-Loving Mum

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Always spontaneous, Mum will take every chance to leave the country on one of her adventures. You can always go to her for advice on where to take your next holiday, and she’ll even let you leaf through the albums of holiday photos on her iPad!

4. The Super Mum

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Home emergency? No worries! This mother is an expert on all things home. She is resourceful and can find the quickest fixes to all your problems. Mysteriously, she can tell you where you left your earpiece, or school textbook, or favorite socks, or phone charger… And her cooking, heavenly!

Thank you, Mum!

This year, we’ve asked a few members of the Etiqa Insurance team pen some anonymous thoughts about their own mothers. Scroll on down for some heartwarming messages!

Woman of the Grill To my Super Mum, you’ve always been there for me and most importantly during my hunger pangs. I cannot imagine living a life without you in it. You make the best cheeseburgers and even as I am typing this, the taste still lingers. You truly are the best and I would like to take this chance to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! I love you 3000!

H. Stark

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The Dependable Wonder Woman My mum is definitely a Super Mum! Whatever my problem, I can always depend on her to lend a shoulder and give meaningful advice that never fails to motivate me to look at a problem from a different perspective. Whether it is about work, family or life in general, she handles everything without a single complaint and solves all problems, in ways I can only imagine. I can only wish to be half as great and selfless as her. I’m truly blessed to be her daughter.


The Jack of all Trades My mum’s definitely the Super Mum. With my dad posted overseas for work, she has the super ability to hold the fort down at home singlehandedly. From being a career woman, to making sure we’re all well fed – it’s all in a day’s work! I couldn’t ask for a better mother.


The Fearless Dreamweaver My mum is The Super Mum. She assumes many roles with ease despite her age — I’ll share just a few. She is the pest terminator of the home, never afraid and swift to act. In moments where I am losing my fight with pests, she arrives to save the day! Growing up, my mum could magically make canes appear in her hand when I was being naughty, even though I was pretty sure of having thrown all the canes away!

My mum is also the banisher of bad dreams. Whenever my dad has nightmares, she says a prayer and he sleeps so peacefully after. She is an amazing cook with a million recipes. I always look forward to enjoying a bowl of that awesome soup, somehow made from the simplest ingredients. Hi Mum, may I have a third bowl please?


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Globetrot and Chill My mum is definitely a Laid-Back and Travel-Loving mum! Now that my siblings and I are all working, she gets more time to relax. Because she doesn’t work, she travels twice as often as me! She is a very, very understanding person, my go-to when I have troubles. What’s more, she’s not pushy and lets us make decisions for ourselves. I’m very thankful for her!


Google is a Woman Super Mum: this washing label says it all. Mum truly knows everything, and she knows best. I always knew that mums have supernatural powers to just hold everything together when it seems the most impossible, but only after becoming a mum myself that I realized how extraordinary my own mum is. My respect for her is now on a whole new level. Not only is she able to handle an active toddler who throws things around the house, she cooks, cleans and guess what? She’s still able to tell me where to find that book I had not seen in years. If mum can’t find it, it’s really gone forever.


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News Anchor at Home She mulls over CNN on her iPad at breakfast and stationary bikes to Channel News Asia… mine is a Tech-Savvy mum. Each dinnertime, she reports her daily findings to us in dramatic fashion, as if to emphasise the gravity of events reported on TV. She knows about pop culture trends before I do and even sings along to the newest radio releases. I will never for the life of me understand how she comes to find out about these things, but it impresses me nonetheless how much she knows about the world.


A gift for mum

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Information is accurate as at 10 May 2019.