It’s your turn to cook for Mum This Mother’s Day!

5 Delicious Mother’s Day Breakfasts in Bed

Mmm. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of toast. You can already imagine the delicious golden-brown char in fuzzy parallel lines across the once-white surface, and the satisfying explosion of crumbs all over your school uniform as you take your first bite. This Mother’s Day, let the tables turn and surprise your super mum with a delectable breakfast in bed! Here are 5 irresistible suggestions.

#1 Pancakes, not a-la-mode

The pancakes we’re used to are usually smothered in maple syrup and butter, but switch things up with a healthy stack just for mom! Try a batter using sweet potatoes or oats, and serve with a side of fruit and superfoods.

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#2 Baked oatmeal, the true breakfast of champions

We’ve all tried oatmeal, gooey and healthy for your heart. But wait till you try it baked! Chuck this yummy breakfast into the oven with some fruit for an added health boost.

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#3 Out-of-this-world poached eggs

It’s time to forget everything you know about poached eggs! Pile your plate high with veggies and spices for a Mother’s Day breakfast that will knock any café brunch out of the water.

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#4 Bruschetta, because Mum is one fancy lady

No pasta sauce on bread for your mother – this lady deserves only the best. Get a good baguette, slice sideways, lay on some ricotta cheese or any other toppings and serve!

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#5 Breakfast quesadillas, a party in each bite

Your super mum has seen you through a whole host of situations, so thank her for her boundless support with a big hug… of a corn tortilla around some tasty fillings!

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Information is accurate as at 7 May 2019.