Stay Safe & Entertained At Home with These Unique Travel Experiences

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Travel has always been a privilege. Here in Singapore, we have been a privileged bunch of a small percentage of the world population that’s been able to travel. Back in 2017, Singaporeans were already taking an average of 5.2 trips  in 12 months. Most of us would have made travel plans for 2020, and the majority of us probably cancelled or are shelving our travel plans for the time being. For those who are staying safe and socially responsible at home (thank you), and for those who are still deliberating on your upcoming trips, here are 4 ways to travel in the comfort of your home, and curb that travel lust in you.

1. Virtual reality (VR) travel experiences

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For the adventurers and explorers at heart, would you like to trek across Machu Picchu, Peru or scuba dive in the Maldives? You can even take a spacewalk 250 miles above Earth … … in the comfort of your home! Immersed in a digital 3-dimensional environment, the opportunities to continue travelling (at home) is endless.

All you need is a VR headset that’s compatible with your mobile device or computer, and one of the VR-optimised apps such as National Geographic VR and Atlas Obscura VR to see the world! The price of a VR headset ranges from tens of dollars to a few hundred bucks , and there are plenty of free VR apps that can be accessed online. ?

2. Armchair travel and virtual museum tours

museum virtual tourScreenshot of virtual tour of the exhibition: The Advent of the Artist’

Armchair travel has traditionally involves reading and watching videos of a particular destination in the comfort of one’s couch, but you can liven up the atmosphere by decorating your space according to the country chosen.

In addition, famous museums such as the Louvre are increasingly accessible online! Most of them offers free online tours so you can learn about the arts, history and ways of life across different times without stepping out of home or spending a dime! Not just for the art and culture connoisseurs, this experience would be great for families. The America’s Black Holocausts Museum is a personal recommendation from this author. ? After all, one of the reasons that we travel is to learn, right?

3. Indulge in different food experiences

Korean cuisine at homeImage credit: Unsplash

Have you tried the #dalgona coffee or posted pictures of your kitchen adventures on social media lately? Here in Singapore, we are very fortunate to be able to (still) get quality food ingredients to create sumptuous meals as we stay indoors. There are plenty of online food delivery options from fresh seafood to daily groceries and even chef specials from fine-dining restaurants. Why not choose a special day in the week to indulge in your food cravings of a particular country?

4. Making that human connection

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Human connection is a major part of travelling, and one of the reasons why travel is so addictive. Make an effort to stay in touch with loved ones and friends wherever you are, be it a simple call or a text message.

You can also do more as a part of the community. Voluntourism is out for the moment, but those who wish to give your time and effort can visit SGUnited for volunteer activities. There are various projects such as providing neighbour carefacilitates exercises for seniors or making a donation (since you’d have spare travel funds now).

Be a responsible traveller

If we can save the world by simply staying home and watching TV, let’s not mess that up. We hope the above ideas can help you to ‘travel’ responsibly indoors, and here’s a note for all our fellow travellers.

We’re   taking   a   break   and   you   should   too!

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