12 Essential Car Parts You Should Know and Their Functions

Happy lady looking out of car window

It’s common to take your car to the service centre once in a while where professional mechanics can take a look at it. But it also helps to educate yourself should your car ever break down. Let’s take a look at some of the most important car parts, their functions and what they look like.

External parts


Red coloured break caliper behind the rim of a tyre

In commercial cars, it is usually located at the front or the back wheels. The brake calliper (seen above in red colour) clips on the brake pads to the surface of the brake rotor that is connected to the wheel. Brakes can be used to control the speed by slowing down or stopping the car safely. Be wary if your brakes start to squeak. That’s a sign that the brake pads are wearing out and you need to get them changed.

Spare Tyre + Car Jack

Spare tyre and car jack in the trunk of the car

Technically not a part of the car, but still an essential item to have. Calling a tow truck is never fun after all. Your spare tyre is usually found in the trunk along with the trusty car jack. You need the car jack to lift the automobile several inches off the ground in order to change the tyre.


Windscreen is one of the most underappreciated car parts

This glass window may be the most underappreciated car part ever. Modern commercial cars have windscreens that are made from laminated safety glass that is tough to break. Despite its name, it doesn’t just screen you from the wind, but also debris, insects, raindrops and small rocks which, at 100km/h, can hit you like bullets.

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Inside the car

AC Compressor + Air Filter

Air filter that connects to other car parts like the AC compressor

While AC compressor and air filter are not needed to make the car move, without it, the Singapore weather will leave you scorching hot. AC compressor cycles Freon (a non-flammable gas) into the air-conditioning unit, which cools down temperature while the air filter ensures that no debris, sand or other particulates make it into the car. Sometimes, the air-conditioner will only blow hot air or make a droning sound. These are signs that the AC compressor may be damaged or you need to clean the air filter.


Gear box, also known as the car's transmission

The brain of the automobile. Commonly known as the gear box, the transmission contains different gears that the vehicle needs to change speed. The transmission transfers the power of the engine onto the wheels. Nowadays, most cars use automatic transmission, which might be harder to repair if broken. But the gear box can bring the oldest cars up to speed if fixed and taken care of properly.

Shock absorber

Spring suspension next to the wheel acting as a shock absorber

The shock absorber, also known as suspension, keeps your car stable even on the worst road. It also helps your wheels grip the road better by providing tension on the road surface. This is important to prevent the vehicle from swerving or tipping over due to uneven surfaces. It also contributes to a more comfortable drive as the driver won’t be feeling every single bump on the road.

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The Engine

Spark Plug

A person holding up a spark plug

The piece that starts the engine. It fires up to ignite a mixture of fuel (from the carburettor) and oxygen (from the intake tract) to create a small explosion. This pushes the piston down in the engine cylinder, which causes the engine to roar and ready to move.

Oil Filters

Oil filter protecting the engine

Oil filters are needed to segregate dust and abrasive particles from the engine oil. If the particles are not filtered, they can damage the engine over time by causing wear and tear on the protective film, which covers the inner wall of the engine. Modern petrol even contains additive formulated to remove dirt and prevent deposits from forming in the petrol itself. This is not only to protect the engine walls, but to ensure you get the most out of your petrol mileage.

Battery + Alternator

A person holding up the car battery

The heart of the car. Without the car battery, the engine won’t ignite and the light and air-conditioner won’t work. It is often located near the engine under the hood – or in the trunk, depending on the car model. You can spot the (+) and (-) terminals on it.

The alternator charges the battery using a dynamo when your engine is running. This is why excessive use of lights can eventually kill the battery. Do note, even with the alternator functioning, the battery should be changed at least once every three years for optimal performance.

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Remember to service your car regularly

A couple of professional car mechanics consulting a lady on her car's performance

It can be bothersome to service your car once or twice every year. But you would be at ease knowing the vehicle is working the way it should through careful maintenance of car parts and replacing those that have worn out. If your car is in need of a repair, you can get quality service islandwide from authorised workshops with 9-month repair warranty, plus other benefits. That is if you have Private Car Insurance. Get yours today at Tiq by Etiqa here.


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