Who Rule the World? 5 Money Saving Tips & Tricks for Single Women

5 Rules to Save Money for Single Women

In today’s modern world, single women are becoming more independent and empowered by the day. Whether you are a single parent or college student, being single comes with its own unique challenges, especially when you are the only one making a living, paying bills and buying groceries. Here we give you five money saving tips you can follow to make the most out of your money and time while being single.

Invest in yourself

We heard of retail therapy, binge watching movies and indulging in your favourite food as a way to make yourself feel better, be it after a long day at work or after a breakup. It’s good to treat yourself once in a while, but you run the risk of denting your bank account if things get out of control.

Instead, use the money to invest in yourself. For example, join classes to upgrade your skills, consistently workout at the gym, buy books to improve your knowledge or cook your own food to practice a healthier lifestyle.

Manage your own money

Through proper money management, you have the potential to become financially free and achieve your dreams. Think spontaneous holiday trips or starting a business to become your own boss. All this takes hard work and lots of financial planning but you don’t have to rely on anyone else.

That’s where ELASTIQ comes to make things easier for you! With this flexible Whole Life Insurance Savings Plan, you can enjoy greater flexibility and returns as you save. You get guaranteed 1.80% p.a. for the first 3 years before earning crediting rates based on market rates, with your capital guaranteed.

Unlike other savings plans, ELASTIQ lets you withdraw money without any penalty or interest clawback 90 days after the policy issue date. And you can top up the money in your account anytime. Your money, your rules!

Start an emergency fund

Easy savings tips for femalesCreate an emergency savings fund that is enough to support you for at least six months. The rule is simple: You cannot touch the money in this fund. You can only use it for unexpected situations such as medical emergencies, car repairs or if you are between jobs.

For single women, the daily expenses might not be much. But do take a look at your monthly lifestyle needs such as housing, food and transportation. Then multiply that by six. That’s how much you need in order to have financial stability. You can read here for more information on saving money for emergency funds.

Invest for your retirement

For young and single women, saving for retirement and paying off debt could be the furthest thing from your mind right now. But lack of planning for future funds can set you back tens of thousands of dollars once you get older. Couples have the potential to create savings for retirement from either or both of their incomes – an option that is not available for single women. The key is to automate your money growth through investment plans of your choice. Start early and make the money work for you while you work on other areas of your life.

#TiqOurWord With eEASY save V insurance savings plan, you can do just that! Choose to make two yearly premium payments or enjoy 3% off 1 year premium when you make an upfront payment for both years. Then it’s a matter of earning a guaranteed 2.68% p.a. crediting rate for the first six years before earning at prevailing market rates. Unsure whether to get  ELASTIQ or eEASY save V? You can compare them here.

Put your passion to work

Your life is not just your 9-to-5 job. What you do after your working hours affect how your future will be. Is there a certain hobby that you used to have or wanted to try but never had the chance? Be it writing a blog, making YouTube videos, or starting your own online shop, now’s the perfect time to explore.

Not only can these hobbies be an outlet to express yourself, you can also use them to practise on certain skillset you wish to have. What you do to fill up your free time can also create multiple incomes for you in the future. Here are some of the best platforms for online courses to learn new things. So get on with it!

The best time to start is now

Easy saving tips for femalesNo doubt, being single can be challenging. But as single women, it’s time we rise up to the challenge and take back control. Start small – start any way you can. It can be daunting at first, especially with loans, rentals and taxes looming each month. But insurance savings plans at Tiq by Etiqa can help you secure your future goals. So don’t wait. You will be one step closer to the life that you’ve always dreamt of.


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