6 Best Platforms For Online Courses

Online learning is all the hype now, but of course it is. Nowadays, virtually nobody reads manuals anymore because almost all the information we could ever need is available on the Internet, and a good portion of it is free. Seeing as it’s impossible to avoid having to learn online, we may as well embrace it – after all, so many before us have taken the plunge. The worst thing that could happen: you decide the topic is not for you, but at least you’ve learnt something new in the process. For the curious and enterprising, here’s our list of where to go for the best online courses.

Why take an online course?


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We remember when e-learning first became a thing. The engine sputtered to life and the proverbial craft struggled for lift-off. While the government pushed to implement computer learning in schools, students seemed to take reluctantly to the idea and it was unclear whether the system would make headway. Fast forward a decade or so, and lots of school kids have smartphones and e-learning is… duh.

Unlike the e-learning you may or may not have encountered in school, online courses are for most of us, optional and borne of the desire to learn something new. Online courses are a great idea because they are…

  • A planned curriculum can help you pick up something fast, or plug holes in your knowledge.
  • Kinder on the pocket. Attending a language school can set you back a few hundred dollars each couple months, but online courses tend to be less expensive, while offering the same opportunities for learning (and online discussion) that a normal class would.
  • You get to plan your own learning schedule. This comes in especially handy for those who can only afford time outside office or school hours. Naturally, this means one has to be more disciplined than usual!

With these reasons in mind, here are our picks of online learning portals, and what they’re good for.

#1 Coursera


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Coursera is a well-known massive online open courses (MOOC) platform founded by two Stanford professors, and where you will find a wide selection of courses taught at some of the best universities in the world. The platform works with institutions to offer diplomas, specialisations and degrees (even Masters!). To be certified, you are required to pay for the courses, but those looking simply to learn a new skill can audit courses for free, meaning you attend lectures and have your homework corrected, unofficially.

However, the for-profit organisation hides a notable proportion of content behind a paywall, meaning auditors may not have access to the full course. That said, much of the platform’s content is still free of charge, but auditors with particular interests can choose to explore other options.

#2 edX


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Like Coursera, edX is a MOOC that offers courses from the world’s top universities, with the same system for certification and auditing. Like Coursera, edX was founded by Ivy League Universities, though this time MIT and Harvard, but operates as a non-profit organisation. While the platform may not offer full degrees, credits from its courses can count towards a Masters with cooperating universities.

Among edX’s most popular courses is Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science, and it’s no wonder, considering the importance of technology and therefore computer languages these days. Where recruitment is concerned, the hunt is out for those with software development expertise, and additional knowledge in the area can give you a special advantage over your peers. Sounds like it’s time to get learning!

#3 Udemy


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Udemy is the world’s largest MOOC platform, catered to both students and professionals . Here, instructors are given the freedom to structure courses as they choose, which explains why Udemy offers more courses than any other MOOC platform, including one titled “Master the Coding Interview” for anyone applying for software development jobs – a title we certainly haven’t seen before! Also, if you haven’t considered learning an instrument online, why not give it a try?

#4 freeCodeCamp


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The amazing thing about learning to code: everything is open-source! freeCodeCamp provides courses on almost any computer language you’d like to learn, with a focus on web development. The platform also features forums where help is readily available, should you encounter any problems while developing.

Students progress from the basics to intermediate projects that they complete alone or in pairs. Upon completing all project tasks, students are partnered with non-profit organisations, for whom they build web applications and develop practical working experience that can help them in future professional settings. For students and for the community, it’s a double-win!

#TiqOurWord As you explore learning possibilities online, remember to maintain safe browsing habits. This includes keeping your personal information protected and refraining from clicking dubious links. As a last line of defence against the unknown dangers of the Internet, get covered under Tiq’s Personal Cyber Insurance , which protects you in the event that your personal information or device is compromised. Find out more here .

#5 SkillsFutureSG


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If you are a Singaporean, you will receive SkillsFuture credits from January of the year you turn 25. SkillsFuture is a collaborative movement by various arms of the Singapore government to encourage citizens to learn at all stages of life and stay relevant, which can improve employability. With SkillsFuture credits, you have access to a wide range of courses in diverse topics, from languages to data analytics and electrical engineering. Free online courses from top local universities? We’re not about to pass that up!

#6 General Assembly


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General Assembly (GA) is all about technology. With campuses all over the world, the school focuses on teaching entrepreneurs and professionals practical skills related to software development and product management, among other digital-related topics. If you follow them on social media, you will chance the occasional invitation to join free classes, both online and at a physical location (usually a program space or computer room at an institution).

Taking an online course with GA isn’t like watching a pre-recorded lecture. During live sessions, the lecturer invites questions and student participation during demonstrations, which can make your learning experience even more engaging. As with many online learning platforms, GA tiers its courses according to difficulty, so there’s something for everyone.

#TiqOurWord Learning online is a great habit to cultivate, both for the direct skills you acquire and because it improves your Internet literacy. Stay safe as you surf, so you can keep making the most of these amazing online resources!

Stay curious

Good grades at school help, but kudos to you for learning something new on your own! The Internet is all yours, so we’ll help you make the most of it. Here’s to a lifetime of discovery!


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