What Happens If You Cancel Your Car Insurance?

Wondering if you can change your car insurance before renewal date? Can car insurance be transferred to a new car? What happens if you cancel your car insurance?

You asked, we answered! There are many reasons to cancel or switch your car insurance, be it for better coverage or cheaper rates. As you know, car insurance is mandatory in Singapore. You can cancel your car insurance but if you want to continue driving, you need to get a new car insurance policy or risk a fine of up to S$1,000 and/or imprisonment and get your licence revoked for at least 12 months! 😱

Before you decide, let’s look at the following common questions regarding cancellation and switching of car insurance in Singapore. Read on!

Can you cancel your car insurance anytime?

Technically speaking, you can cancel your car insurance anytime. However, there are a few things you should consider before you cancel your car insurance.

Do you still need coverage? If you are planning to switch to public transport, your main concern would probably be the costs; i.e. potential administration fee for cancellation of your policy, your eligibility for refund of prorated unused premium, etc. It’s best to refer to your car insurance policy documents or contact your insurer to get the information.

To enjoy continuous coverage so you can drive safely and legally on the road, you should consider an alternative policy and align the dates (i.e. cancellation of current policy and new policy start date). Don’t forget to inform your insurers accordingly.

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Can you cancel your car insurance online?

Insurance companies require policyholders to give a written notice when cancelling your car insurance. These days, you can easily do so online by submitting the required documents (refer to the website of your existing insurer). Alternatively, you can send in your documents by mail or through your agent.

Some insurance companies may want to speak to you prior to processing your cancellation request. Nonetheless, cancelling your car insurance is usually a straightforward procedure. No sweat!

Is there a refund if you cancel your car insurance before your policy expires?

This depends on your car insurer. If you cancel your policy before it expires, it is usually possible to get a refund for the remaining period of the car insurance premium paid. However, the refund amount varies for different insurers and some may impose a penalty fee or administration charge for cancellation.

To avoid additional costs, many car owners usually wait to switch car insurance nearer to their policy expiry date. If unsure, make it a habit to check your policy documents or contact your insurer. Note that there’s unlikely to be a refund if you have made a claim previously.

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Can you transfer your existing car insurance to a new car?

Congratulations on getting a new car! Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your existing car insurance to a new car because the car make, model, age, etc. will usually be different. This is a good opportunity though to reassess your protection needs and consider switching car insurer to get the car insurance that best suits your needs.

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Is there a record of cancelled insurance? How long does it stay on record?

In case you are worried about being penalised as a “fickle-minded” car owner, you can be rest assured that it is absolutely fine to cancel your car insurance or switch car insurers to get a better deal. You may need to check your policy documents to ensure that there’s no early cancellation charge fee (see 1st point) that will eat into your potential savings.

Also, note that there are situations where your insurer may cancel your policy if they suspect there’s foul play or illegal modifications. Just like all binding contracts, things go both ways. The specifics are available in your policy documents.

Does cancelling or switching your car insurance affect NCD?

Of course not! Rest assured that your NCD (no-claim discount) remains unchanged when you cancel or switch car insurance. Your new car insurer will assess your NCD eligibility and give you a quote accordingly.

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Can you switch car insurance in the middle of a claim?

We’re sorry to hear that you are in the middle of a claim. Generally, it is not possible to switch car insurance as your current insurer is still processing your claims. You may want to consider the remaining period of your car insurance after the claim has been processed. Note that there is usually no refund if you have made a claim on your car insurance.

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It’s natural to look for the best motor insurance coverage but what’s best for others may not work for you. The best car insurance for you is the one that meets your budget and needs. Before you cancel or switch your car insurance, it helps to keep a lookout on good deals and see what others say.

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