4 Balconies to Show Off This Chinese New Year

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Urban farming - balcony decor ideas

There’s no better time to show off your home than a good ol’ fashioned family gathering, and with the Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s time to dust the paper pineapples off and break out the mahjong tables. But don’t be the family that neglects your balcony – a precious outdoor enclave that, when well curated, can speak volumes about your relationship with your home. Here are 4 ways to spruce up your little open-air cosy corner.

#1 The Circumstantial Gardener

Whether catching up with cousins you haven’t seen in a year or hiding from interrogative relatives, a warm atmosphere can go a long way in making everyone feel at home. For the occasion, the usual suspects remain: kumquat and marigold can inject little pops of color onto an otherwise drab canvas, and lucky bamboo adds some geometric structure to your landscaping.

For the not-so-green-fingered, choose plants that demand less care, like money plants, cacti, aloe vera and hibiscus. Succulents, while deceptively desert-like in appearance, require more specific conditions to thrive, so do your shopping well-researched.

Feeling ambitious? Assemble your own edible garden and garnish your pot luck contributions with your own rosemary, Thai basil, mint or curry leaves. Herbs tend to require higher maintenance, but the result is as rewarding (they say) as having a child… in some weird way.

Whichever plants you choose, remember to tie some red ribbons to them for a festive vibe!

#TiqOurWord Certain plants are lighthouses for bugs, who will find very comfortable harbour in your home. Pest problem? We’ve got you covered.

#2 The Conversationalist

As anyone can attest, family gets noisy. So take the heart-to-hearts outside when the indoors get too crowded. Prep your balcony for a good chat with comfortable outdoor seats, some small tables for your drinks and an electric fan, because Singapore. Long after the New Year is over, your balcony will become your favourite spot for breakfast with a view.

#3 The Accent Wall

With a wall like that in your balcony, you already know what everyone is going to use as a background for Instagram posts. In interior design, accent walls add diversity by introducing elements absent from the rest of the room. In your Chinese New Year outdoor edition, theme your background for the occasion with a lucky pop of colour. Being 2019’s Pantone colour of the year, coral can add to the festive mood. Meanwhile, the fengshui-derived lucky colours for 2020 are white and blue, to be worn in clothing and used in your home for optimal benefit. Why not throw these into your balcony design too?

You can also get the whole family involved in painting a mural – nothing like starting the year with some good quality time!

#4 The Traditionalist

Even after the Marie Kondo mania has passed, a neat house never goes out of fashion, so keep your interior stylish by doing your organising outside. If your balcony is exposed to the elements, look into weatherproof materials like plastic and stainless steel, and tuck your items neatly away in drawers and shelves in keeping with the minimalist theme.

#TiqOurWord Did you know? Your home insurance includes coverage for your balcony. Don’t be fooled by its size – from clogged drains to faulty railings and damaged furniture, a lot can happen in such a tiny space! For all these emergencies and more, Tiq Home Insurance offers Emergency Home Assistance within 24 hours upon notification of insured mishaps. Read more about our first-in-class service here.

Your home, your rules

What does your balcony say about you? That’s for you to decide. But having good home protection is a sure way to demonstrate how much you care about your abode. Create your dream home balcony on your own terms this Chinese New Year and, who knows? You might inspire a family member or two.


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