Top 5 Purifying Indoor House Plants That Are True Survivors

A lady watering her plants at home

About to build your nest or looking for ways to decorate your space? Home interiors with a touch of eco-chic vibes are all the rage these days! Turn your home into a beautiful, lush green healing sanctuary with some low-maintenance yet aesthetically-pleasing house plants. Not only do these house plants act as powerful air purifiers and stress-busters, they help to cool your place down – much-needed in Singapore’s hot weather! With so many enticing benefits of these house plants, we bet you’re curious which 5 house plants are best for your indoor home garden, so read on!

#1 Zamioculcas

ZZ plantOtherwise known as ZZ plant, zamioculcas are one of the best house plants to own, simply because they are so fuss-free. Its waxy leaves produce a shiny outlook as they reflect light, complementing any home interior.

ZZ plants can survive weeks of no-watering without withering as this plant has a natural water-storing root system, best suited for the lazy or busy homeowner who will only have to water them once every eight weeks!

One condition though, is that they are to be under bright light, regardless of whether it’s natural sunlight or indoor lights. They can thrive in air-conditioned environments, but note that cold air should not be blasted onto them constantly.

#2 Yellow Palm

A couch surrounded by greeneryOne can never get enough of summer, right? You can bring the lush tropics indoors to your home with yellow palm, minus the unbearable heat! A relatively low maintenance plant that grows well in bright areas even without direct sunlight, yellow palm can effectively purify the air in your home.

Simply treat it with fertiliser suited for leafy plants on a regular basis. They also only need to be watered up to two times a week\, depending on how dry your home is. So, go ahead and brighten your pad with some yellow palm foliage that makes for an awesome backdrop for your #OOTDs at home too!

#3 Snake’s Tongue

Snake's TongueThis mighty indoor house plant, also commonly known as Devil’s Tongue or Mother-in-law’s Tongue, works hard to produce a constant supply of fresh air by filtering harmful substances while converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Fresh air equates to mood elevation and stress reduction, so the snake’s tongue practically turns your home into a healing sanctuary!

Did we forget to mention that it is also super low-maintenance and able to grow well even in dark places on a scarce amount of water? You’ll just need to give it a plenty of water every two to three weeks.

Snake’s Tongue is perfect for any living space from your living room to the bedroom and even bathroom, a great addition to both traditional and modern homes.

#4 Money Plant

Money plant at homeBelievers of Feng Shui are no stranger to money plant. Like its auspicious-sounding name, they are said to bring wealth and luck to one’s home. For those new to money plant and think that they merely serve utilitarian purposes, that’s actually a misconception!

In fact, the money plant’s round leaves make it endearing and versatile to be re-potted and re-grown in various forms, such as in bottles, mason jars and even electric bulbs, which are wonderful as decorative ornaments, depending on the kind of style that your home design is going for.

Likewise, this house plant is easy to care for as they flourish under indirect medium to low light environments and needs to be watered only every 7 to 10 days.

For those who have already been ‘ushering’ good fortune and prosperity to your home with the money plant, let’s be practical and ensure that your home is well-protected.

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#5 Peace Lily

Indoor plantIf your dream is to own an indoor flower ‘garden’ at home, peace lily plant will help you fulfil your wish, as it is one of the few rare house plants with flowers that can bloom indoors without direct sunlight.

An elegant and refined-looking plant, the peace lily is able to grow well under low-light to moderate partial sunlight, making it great for spicing up your balcony or areas near your windows.

The peace lily is also an asset to your home for it can cleanse and freshen the air by removing airborne toxins. What’s more to love about the peace lily is that it gives off a light, pleasant fragrance. Don’t forget to rehydrate it once a week!

Protect your home beyond plants

Two people holding a mini pot of plantHouse plants are a great addition to spruce up your home along with the many benefits that they bring! They care for your home and your family’s wellness but beyond house plants, there are other small ways to show love to your home and your family – with a home insurance.

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