Travel Inspiration for BLINKS: BLACKPINK MV Locations around the World

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Missed Blackpink in Singapore or can’t get enough of this influential K-pop girl group? Well, you may want to start planning a trip because the Blackpink World Tour (Born Pink) is still ongoing! For those who can’t make it for their concert, we have a list of travel alternatives around the world where Blackpink filmed their beautiful music videos (MV) and fun things to do!

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane” – “How You Like That”, remember the motivating song about wanting it all after overcoming all obstacles? Be it the jungle or the arctic, you can get there if you put your heart to it. Ready to jetset around the world in the footsteps of Blackpink? Let’s go, BLINKS!

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Blackpink music video locations revealed!

Blackpink is awesome! We get it, but unless you are very lucky, chances are your usual travel companions such as your partner or family may not be a BLINK (Blackpink fan) like you. The good news is, the following Blackpink MV locations are fun destinations that have plenty to offer, so you can fit in your itinerary if you are going on a family trip, couple travel or fun adventure trip (with non-BLINKs).

South Korea

For the ultimate Blackpink pilgrimage, of course South Korea – the land of K-pop and the group’s hometown – is at the top of the list. Beyond YG Entertainment at Mapo-gu, Seoul, there are K-tours that show you the locations where Blackpink filmed some of their music videos or dining places that they patroned.

If you are planning to explore on your own, here are some filming locations to add to your South Korea’s itinerary.


BP’s music video: As If It’s Your Last

Filming location: Kyung Hee University’s Amphitheatre

What to do: Sightseeing, attend concerts or school festivals

Who is it for: Arts & culture lovers

Combining catchy elements of pop and rap, “As If It’s Your Last” is one of Blackpink’s earliest songs released in 2017, but BLINKS would undoubtedly remember the girls dancing uniformly in school attires in the iconic music video. Many have identified one of the filming locations to be the outdoor amphitheatre of Kyung Hee University! Today, it is still being used frequently as a stage for concerts and school festivals. Check out this private university or attend a concert there if you are in town.

Source: Gangwon State

BP’s music video: Lovesick Girls

Filming location: Daegwallyeong Haneul Ranch, Gangwon-do

What to do: Immerse in nature, play with animals, cycle, etc.

Who is it for: Nature lovers

Slightly more than an hour’s drive from Seoul, this sheep ranch where “Lovesick Girls” was supposedly filmed makes for a nice retreat when one gets tired of the bustling city. The Haneul Ranch offers a flock feeding experience that allows one to get up close to fluffy-looking adorable sheep.


BP’s music video: Shut Down

Filming location: Music video production site in Gyeonggi-do

What to do: Sightseeing, visiting theme parks, skiing, exploring nature sites, etc.

Who is it for: History & culture lovers, adventure seekers, nature lovers, etc.

While we don’t have the exact music video location of Blackpink’s “Shut Down”, we do know that it is in the underrated Gyeonggi province, which is definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Seoul! Easily accessible from the capital city of South Korea, Gyeonggi offers beautiful and varied landscapes. In addition, the temperate weather in this region makes it great for a cooling getaway!



BP – LISA’s solo debut music video: “LALISA”

Filming location/Featured: Phanom Rung Stone Castle

What to do: Sightseeing, explore cultural heritage

Who is it for: Arts & culture lovers, history buffs

Paying homage to her Thai roots, Lisa featured many Thai elements in her first solo music video, “LALISA” including the historic Phanom Rung Stone Castle – an attraction in her hometown. Most Singapore travellers are no stranger to Thailand but getting to the Phanom Rung Historical Park will require a bit more effort than the usual Bangkok or Phuket trip.

Located in Ban Tapek (Northeast Thailand), this Khmer site is more than 1,000 years old, featuring a Khmer temple perched on an extinct volcano. It is accessible only via Nang Rong City and promises a unique alternative travel off the beaten path.

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BP – JENNIE’s solo debut music video: “SOLO”

Filming location: Hayes, West London

What to do: Sightseeing

Who is it for: Arts & culture lovers, history buff, solo travellers

Debuted in late 2018, the music video of Blackpink Jennie’s first solo track named “Solo” was filmed in the United Kingdom. Portraying herself as an independent woman who handles the pain for a breakup, Jennie took fans behind the scenes of her MV shooting, revealing her location in London. In fact, Jennie was also spotted filming in Hayes, West London.

Planning to follow her footsteps and perhaps embark on a solo trip to London? Don’t miss Hayes’s Boeck Theatre (opened in 1977) if you are a music or art lover. Being part of Greater London, Hayes also offers easy accessibility to many historical and cultural sites, attractions and nature parks.

PS: The song “Solo” actually accumulated 16 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release!

United States

BP – JISOO’s solo debut music video: “Flower”

Filming location: Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood, etc.

What to do: City walks, museum visits, food tours, hiking, etc.

Who is it for: Anyone!

If you are wondering why everyone is doing the flower dance on social media, just check out the original “Flower” featuring Blackpink’s Jisoo’s solo debut. Not too long ago, everyone seemed to be asking, “Where was Jisoo’s “Flower” music video filmed?” Well, the cat’s out of the bag.

This music video was filmed in the United States with a couple of iconic attractions being identified, namely Universal Studios Hollywood and the majestic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles where Taylor Swift filmed her music video.

Those of you who are planning to catch Blackpink in action in the United States can add Los Angeles to your itinerary and start planning visits to the cool museums, hidden parks and must-try restaurants! Of course, you don’t want to miss Universal Studios Hollywood.

Blackpink’s BORN PINK World Tour Schedule 2023

Blackpink is expected to be at Down Under for their world tour this June, and after that they will be heading to Paris for just one performance before they set off for the United States.

Date City – Country
2023.07.15 SAT 9PM
PARIS (France)
2023.08.11 FRI 8:30PM
NEW JERSEY (United States)
2023.08.12 SAT 8:30PM
NEW JERSEY (United States)
2023.08.18 FRI 8:30PM
LAS VEGAS (United States)
2023.08.22 TUE 8:30PM
SAN FRANCISCO (United States)
2023.08.26 SAT 8:30PM
LOS ANGELES (United States)
For more updates, refer to

Regardless of whether you are planning a trip to the United States for a Blackpink concert or a K-pop pilgrimage to their home ground in South Korea, it helps to plan ahead! While you are at it, remember to protect your trip.

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