6 Money-Saving Tips That Can Save You S$28,000+ For Your Wedding

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Wedding portrait and wedding cake

We all know how expensive it is to have a wedding in Singapore, with the average cost ranging between S$30,000 to S$50,000. Yes, we’re talking about having your pre-wedding photoshoot, throwing a wedding banquet, purchasing wedding bands and the list goes on… Before you start getting cold feet, it is actually possible to have a fun wedding celebration at half of the average cost or less! By saving smartly and spending creatively for your wedding, you can pull off a memorable wedding affordably while ensuring that your guests have a great time!

In numerology, the number ‘6’ is associated with balance, responsibility and love. In Chinese culture, this number represents smooth-sailing matters. With these in mind, we present you 6 money-saving tips for you to have a smooth-sailing and harmonious wedding ahead! Read on!

#Tip 1: Grow your savings wisely

Firstly, few of us get married on a whim, and chances are you and your partner have been diligently setting aside some funds for this major milestone in your life. To make the most of your savings, you may wish to grow your savings more efficiently instead of simply leaving it in the bank. Explore different financial tools to help you to save wisely, so that you have the money to spend for your wedding.

ELASTIQ by Etiqa Insurance is a first-of-its-kind Whole Life Insurance Savings Plan that offers a guaranteed interest rate of 1.80% for the first 3 years, with the flexibility of topping up anytime or withdrawing your funds without penalty and interest clawback after 90 calendar days. With such flexibility, you can save towards your dream wedding earlier while enjoying liquidity in your funds!

#Tip 2: Get your wedding outfits online

Partial view of a brideWith the wedding funds set aside (and growing), you can start planning your wedding. Dressing to the nines on your big day doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Thanks to the wonderful world of e-commerce, purchasing your wedding outfits online these days is a thing for brides and grooms looking for a more economical wedding.

You can get a fancy dress over at Etsy or Asos starting from S$80, or even a made-to-order one from Taobao by sending your measurements over to the seller! The same principle goes for the groom and groomsmen’s suits – get them at affordable prices from high-street brands like Zara or H&M; and your bridesmaids’ dresses from local fashion retailers like Fayth or Love, Bonito.

In contrast, a typical bridal package that covers your wedding dress and suit would cost you at least S$2,000, which you’ll only be wearing for a few hours. Do the math!

#Tip 3: D.I.Y. or purchase your wedding favours online

DIY Wedding Favours#SorryNotSorry, but nobody takes a second look at the generic wedding favours from the hotel that looks like the typical corporate promotional merchandise. Rope in the help of your friends to make your very own wedding favours that’s sincerer, isn’t it?

For easy starters, try baking some yummy S’mores cupcakes that would only cost you about S$0.60 each . If you’re not particularly nifty at doing this by yourself, there are always e-retailers to the rescue. Snag uncommon and unique wedding favours from sites like AliExpress or Qoo10 at affordable prices!

#Tip 4: Get creative with your wedding banquet

Wedding banquet venueAssuming you’re planning to have a cosy and intimate wedding affair of between 100-150 guests, there are alternatives to a dinner banquet that’s much more wallet-friendly. A catering or lunch reception would typically range between S$1,500 to S$4,000 while a wedding banquet in a hotel would range from S$15,000 to S$36,000 .

If you prefer to have it at the hotel after all, note that a banquet lunch instead of dinner would save you at least 30-40% of your money! Also, don’t forget to suss out credit cards that give great rebates and benefits. The credit card cashback on this wedding expenses can help you to save much!

You can then channel this savings to fund your honeymoon, home renovation or simply let it grow with ELASTIQ! Did we mention that if no withdrawal has been made from your ELASTIQ Whole Life Insurance Savings plan for the past 36 policy months, you’ll receive an additional loyalty bonus of 0.3% of the average monthly account value in every 3 years? Totally awesome when money rolls in without you having to do anything, especially when #adulting means managing your finances like a pro!

#Tip 5: Have a close friend be your wedding emcee

A bride being kissed by bridesmaidsInstead of hiring an emcee for your wedding, let an outspoken and chatty close friend be your emcee! He/she could keep your guests entertained while sharing personal stories about you, making the wedding more personal. If he/she lets your guests in on embarrassing memories of you, the wedding will be more intimate and fun. Definitely beats a hired emcee that costs more and doesn’t know you well!

#Tip 6: Get alternatives to wedding frills

Wedding bandsSome might think that it’s more efficient to hire a planner for your wedding in Singapore. But getting to the details on your own can help you to save a lot of money on wedding frills! For example, you can get flowers off nurseries at wholesale prices when you buy them in bulk.

Alternatively, consider using a combination of fresh and artificial flowers that you can easily get from Daiso or Spotlight. Doing so would save you half the money, compared to using entirely fresh flowers from a wedding vendor. For your wedding cake, you can look for established home bakers with lots of positive reviews on Carousell for a fraction of the price.

Photobooths with instant printouts are all the rage at weddings these days, but they do cost quite a bit, starting from at least S$250/hour. Why not D.I.Y. with your own instant Polaroid camera and films minus the sky-high prices that works just the same?

Here’s a breakdown of potential savings with the above-mentioned tips for your wedding:

ChecklistEconomicalAverage costLavishAverage costSavings
Wedding dressS$80 to S$200S$140S$2000 to S$6000S$4000S$3720
Wedding suitS$80 to S$200S$140
Bridesmaids dresses (4)S$18 to S$40S$29 x 4 = S$116S$50 to S$100S$75 x 4 = S$300S$184
Groomsmen suits (4)S$50 to S$70S$60 x 4 = S$240S$100 to S$150S$500S$260
Wedding bandsS$500 to S$1000S$750S$2000 to S$4000S$3000S$2750
Venue and food(50 – 100 guests)Weekday dinner banquet/weekend lunch banquet: 30 to 40% cheaperS$16, 575Hotel dinner banquet: S$15,000 to S$36,000S$25,500S$8925
EmceeBuddy price: S$0S$0Professional emcee: S$500 to S$1000S$750S$750
Live music bandBuddy price: S$0S$0S$300 to S$1200S$750S$750
Wedding favours(50 -100 guests)DIY: S$0.60 per wedding favourS$0.60 x 75 pax = S$45S$2 per wedding favourS$2 x 75 pax = S$150S$105
Actual day photographyBuddy price: S$0S$0S$1,000 to S$2,000S$1500S$1500
Actual day videographyBuddy price: S$0S$0S$1,500 to S$3,000S$2250S$2250
Makeup artist & hairstylistBuddy price/DIY: S$0S$0S$400 to S$800S$600S$600
FlowersUsing a combination of fresh and artificial flowersE.g. Fresh bouquet + fresh hair accessory + fresh corsages + artificial car deco + artificial table centrepiece = S$300S$300S$500 to S$1,000S$750S$450
Pre-wedding photographyBuddy price: S$0S$0S$800 to S$1,200S$1000S$1000
Pre-wedding videographyBuddy price: S$0S$0S$800 to S$1,500S$1150S$1150
Wedding planning & stylingSelf-plan: S$0S$0S$2,000 to S$3,500S$2750S$2750
Wedding cakeOnline/home bakers: S$150 to S$200S$175S$500 to S$1,000S$750S$575
Wedding InvitationsDIY/e-invitation card: S$0S$0S$150 to S$250S$200S$200
Wedding car rentalBorrow from friends/relativesS$0S$300 to S$600S$450S$450
DIY Instant Photo BoothInstant Polaroid camera:S$80 to S$150S$115S$500 to S$1000S$750S$595
Polaroid films ~S$40 for 100 films (Qoo10 sale price)S$40
Total savings: S$28, 964

Are you surprised by how much money you could save for your wedding in Singapore? With our 6 tips, you can save approximately S$28,000+ on your wedding, which is half of the average wedding cost in Singapore! Happy planning and congratulations for your wedding in advance!


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