How to Safeguard Your Motorcycle in Singapore?

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how to safeguard your motorcycle

Whether you are taking your motorcycle out for a joyride across the island or just for a spin around the neighbourhood, low crime does not mean no crime. Motorcycle thefts in Singapore are very real.

According to official crime statistics, there were 655 motor vehicle related thefts in 2019. In case you missed the news, motorcycle thefts across the island, from Jurong to Geylang, were in the headlines in recent months.

In October, a teenager was arrested on suspicions of stealing a motorcycle. Ironically, the motorcycle was parked in a dark alley and the ignition keys were left in the ignition, which made the theft as simple as a walk in the park.

Wondering how you can safeguard your motorcycle? Read on for things you need to know about motorcycle thefts in Singapore and easy prevention tips!

How do motorcycle thefts usually happen?

Compared to cars, motorcycles are smaller and more exposed, making them more susceptible to being stolen and taken apart for spare parts.

The most common method of stealing a motorcycle is by lifting the vehicle off the ground and loading it onto another vehicle such as a van or a truck. Once the stolen motorcycle is loaded onto the getaway vehicle, risk of detection is almost non-existent as compared to physically riding away with the stolen motorcycle.

Another way how motorcycles are stolen would be due to the carelessness of the vehicle owner. It may sound like a no-brainer but there are unassuming motorists who leave their ignition keys (as well as other valuable items) on the motorcycle, which is then parked in plain sight or in dimly lit areas.

How to safeguard your motorcycle?

Safeguard motorcycle using

Easy. Simply abide by the following motorcycle theft prevention quick tips:

  • Do not leave your ignition keys in the ignition or in your trunk. A lapse of judgement just for convenience could lead to regret. Also, the trunk of your motorcycle is not as secure as you think, as it can easily be broken into.
  • Park in well-lit and common areas with more foot traffic. It would not only deter potential thieves, but it would also increase your chances of having eyewitnesses in the event your motorcycle is stolen. We would also recommend parking near CCTVs.
  • Placing a canvas cover over your ride not only protects against the elements, but also from prying eyes.
  • Invest in anti-theft systems. Having an anti-theft alarm for your motorcycle would alert you to an attempt of someone attempting to steal your ride.
  • Consider installing additional locks on your vehicle such as a handlebar lock or a durable disc lock. The biggest deterrent is a secure motorcycle and thieves would usually go for the easier low hanging fruits instead.

Also, do not be an easy victim! With ePROTECT motorcycle insurance, you can look forward to receiving a vehicle theft valuation of up to 50%. Read more about it here.

What should I do after my motorcycle has been stolen?

what to do if motorcycle is stolen?

Firstly, do not panic. A good and concise risk management plan would be to:

Report the theft to the police. Under the watchful eye of the Singapore Police and our islandwide police cameras, there is a good chance that your motorcycle can be successfully recovered.

#TiqOurWord a police report is mandatory when filing an insurance claim.

Check online marketplaces. A stolen motorcycle could be salvaged for parts which are sold online on popular e-commerce marketplaces. It would be good to have documentations or any form of identification such as serial numbers in order to prove that these components belonged to your stolen vehicle.

Contact your insurance company. You would likely be covered for the loss if you have a comprehensive insurance plan that covers loss by damage of theft. Relevant plans offering this coverage by Tiq by Etiqa includes the Comprehensive motorcycle insurance and Third-Party Fire & Theft motorcycle insurance. Learn more here.

Steering forward

Though the above suggestions will not guarantee that your motorcycle will never be stolen, it would nevertheless help to slow down the process and expose the thieves to a higher chance of being caught in the act.

Having adequate proper motorcycle insurance is vital as well. ePPROTECT motorcycle insurance from Tiq by Etiqa aims to help motorists better manage or even mitigate the financial risks of having your ride stolen and more. Get a quote today.


Information is accurate as at 11 January 2020. This policy is underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. (Company Reg. No. 201331905K).


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