How to Get the Most From Selling Your Car

You’ve decided, you won’t see the 10 years through with this car. Perhaps you are this close to affording your dream ride, or maybe erring on the side of prudence means giving public transport one more chance.

Whatever the reason, you’ll be selling Old Bessie eventually, and while nobody expects to make a profit from selling a used vehicle, here’s some advice on getting as much of value back as possible from selling your car.

As can be expected…

Certain attributes and habits tend to make your car more appealing to prospective buyers (and correspondingly also to used car dealers).

  1. Newer cars with lower mileage normally carry less wear and tear, with some car components still under warranty.
  2. Popular models generally fetch higher value. A survey conducted by Value Champion named the Toyota Corolla Altis (Elegance Version) as Singapore’s most popular car in January 2020. According the SG CarMart, other modern classics include the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic.
  3. Swap out any worn-out parts, especially before selling. Threadbare tires, blown lights and nicked windscreen wipers make for a poor first impression. It’s best to present your car for sale with everything in working order.
  4. Avoid collisions. A history of collision damage can lower the value of your car. A conservative approach to the road can save lives… and money.

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Stay on top of routine maintenance

Family car routine maintenance

Remember how your car looked and handled on the first day? Now that it’s your turn to sell, recreating the experience for a prospective buyer can substantiate a slightly higher price.

Keep your paintjob in pristine condition by washing and waxing your car frequently. If you’re worried about dents from careless parking lot neighbours, give them a wide berth where possible.

Inspect and replace engine fluids regularly to prevent internal damage and to keep your car handling smoothly.

Keep to your servicing appointments and document your servicing history – your car’s second owner may appreciate access to these records, while knowing the car has been well cared for.

Don’t go too far with aftermarket parts

Modifying your car to go faster, sound cooler or even look more unique may seem to you like improvements, but not everyone will share your taste.

Modifications you install that are not approved by the local Land Transport Authority likely also fall outside the scope of your car insurance coverage, leaving the new owner to foot the repair bill upon potential failure – not so attractive.

Some prospective owners also prefer to purchase vehicles with all stock components intact, which makes finding replacements easier should anything give way.

Our advice: modify your car selectively if you intend to sell it eventually.

Research your sales avenue

Handing over the car keys after a successful sale

Licensed used car dealers can place your car up for auction, which can go a long way in helping you get the most from a sale. Some enterprises offer assistance with direct sales from owner to owner, while also handling the complicated paperwork needed for transfer of ownership.

Alternatively, you can save on administrative fees and take control of the process by selling your car through a used car listing. Carousell and Motorist are two such platforms, with the latter offering a structured approach to valuation and administration.

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A sweeter ride

Selling your car or otherwise, there are few moments in a car enthusiast’s life prouder than hurtling down the freeway, acceleration smooth and paint gleaming. We hope this list of reminders provides a little inspiration to go the extra mile with car care, and wish you the very best on the market!


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