Healthy Ways to Keep the Kids Busy at Home

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It’s coming to two months since the Circuit Breaker began, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Now more than ever, you’d do anything for a bit of peace, if only just to hand them the smartphone in return for some silence. While your parental instinct advises otherwise, you’re quickly running out of options. From the parents here at Tiq by Etiqa Insurance, we bring you these healthy, productive routines to keep the kids busy at home.

Limit screen time

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With home-based learning done for the day, reward the kids with a half-hour on the device, whether to watch cartoons, play mobile games or otherwise. Technology already plays such a big role in our everyday life that it seems almost senseless to raise children without at least some exposure to it.

Adding screen time to a daily routine gives the young’uns something to look forward to after a day’s hard work, while rendering their usage of devices easier to moderate on your part.

Break out the old-fashioned games

Mom playing a board game with her kids

Add some variety to the family schedule and throw in some board games (including educational ones like word search and Scrabble). Learning the rules can take a while, so begin playing as a family and encourage them to continue on their own, especially when you are unable to attend to them. Not sure what to start with? Try these recommendations.

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Make food a family affair

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You’re probably cooking more than you ever have these days, and luckily you have little helpers in your home. Enlist the kids’ help in preparing food for the family by getting them to slice mushrooms with child-safe knives or stir ingredients in a bowl. Giving them easy tasks in the kitchen not only strengthens your bond, but helps cultivate the habit of preparing wholesome meals, an important life skill your kids will carry for a lifetime.

Exercise as a family

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Keep exercise a part of your family’s daily routine. If you have younger children, consider instructional home workout videos with dance elements to keep them entertained while you get in some good cardio.

Get organised

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Before the Circuit Breaker in Singapore began, your busy schedule may have provided a convenient excuse for a messy home, but the excuse no longer holds. This time, tidy your home systematically and as a family. Get everyone involved, teaching the kids how to fold their own laundry and make the bed, while you vacuum the floor below the bed for the first time in months. Start with small tasks spread over the remainder of your time at home, and you’ll be done in no time!

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Home is where the heart is

Now that everyone’s home, the occasional frustration is inevitable. Most of all, remind yourself in such situations that you are among people you care about deeply, which is a blessing in itself. We hope these tips help to keep the kids busy while providing a little inspiration and some assurance that your family will come out of these times harmonious and refreshed.


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