What to Do If Your Car is Stolen and 5 Ways to Prevent It

There were 2.9 cases of car theft per 100,000 population in Singapore in 2016. The number has since decreased by 24.1% by 2019. Despite the fact, a dark-green Jaguar worth S$120,000 was stolen at East Coast Park last year. In 2018, there were reports of a serial car thief going around breaking into people’s vehicles in eastern Singapore. And those who drive to Malaysia on the weekends should be aware that 35,953 car thefts were reported in Malaysia in 2018. That’s almost 99 cases a day!

What do thieves do with stolen cars anyway?

You might think that thieves will likely eye the expensive shiny new cars as their next target. But this is far from the truth. All cars are at risk of being stolen. Thieves will take any car and do the following:

  • Ship the cars to other places and resell them
  • Dismantle the cars to get spare parts for profits
  • Sell to unsuspecting car buyers or mechanics

That’s not all! Even if your car isn’t taken away, thieves also break into cars to steal items such as:

  • Cash cards, bags and other valuable items
  • GPS, radio, speakers and other detachable electronic equipment
  • Tyres, rims, wipers, bumpers and other external car parts

What should you do if your car is stolen?

Police reports can be done through your devices using their online services

  1. Stay calm. You’re unable to find your car. Are you certain that you checked the correct place of where you last seen your car?
  2. Your car may have been towed away. Check with the LTA Customer Service Line to know the status of your car.
  3. If you’re sure that your car has been stolen, make a police report. Let the police be aware of your car’s status so they can keep an eye on it in case it is used to commit a crime. You can make a police report using one of the following ways:
  • Call 999 for emergency purposes. You will be given an incident number, which you can then use to file a report at the police station and get a written record in order to make your insurance claims. The police will keep you updated on the case within 7 working days.
  • Make an online report for non-emergency purposes. Use your SingPass to access Police Report e-Service. Make sure you have a valid email and your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Follow the instructions on screen. A police officer will keep you updated on the case within 7 working days.

#TiqOurWord If your car is stolen or broken into in Malaysia, you can call the Malaysia Police number 999 to make a report. This is important in order to make insurance claims later on. Once you are back in Singapore, make another police report with the Singapore Police using the steps above to let them know the status of your vehicle.

How to keep your car (and yourself) safe?

  1. Park in a well-lit, open space. Preferably one with a security guard. For your own safety, avoid parking in back alleys or at the side of the road.
  2. Never leave your keys in the car or let the car engine run while unattended. The Jaguar we mentioned earlier had its key left on the dashboard unattended which attracted the thief in the first place.
  3. Use front and rear dash cams. The blinking red light of the dash cams can significantly deter thieves from approaching your car. If they still do, you’ll get them on camera, which can help with police reports and insurance claims.
  4. Install a real-time GPS tracker in the car. This way, you’ll know where your car is at all times. It can also help the police in tracking down your car and catching the criminal.
  5. Do not keep valuable items in the car in plain sight. Thieves can smash the windscreen or windows to steal your belongings. Take the items with you when you leave the car. But if you have to leave them, put them in the trunk, in the glove compartment, or hidden under the seats.

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Other car safety tips for you to consider

Stay vigilant and park carefully at a safe and open space in order to prevent car theft

  • Assess the situation and use good judgement when a stranger comes knocking on your window asking for help. Though you may have a good conscience, we never know what people’s intentions are. They are many such cases in Malaysia where car drivers are robbed using this method.
  • Call somebody you trust and do not leave the car in the event of an accident. If someone hit your car from the back and you stopped to check the damages, you risk the danger of getting robbed as well.

Let your car be parked in safety

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