5 Popular Bicycle Types in Singapore: How to Pick the Best for You?

A bicycle technician looking at different bicycle types

As most cyclists would tell you, a bicycle is not just a device for traveling, it is an extension of yourself. You do use your entire body and skills are required to manoeuvre it smoothly. So choosing the best type of bicycle for yourself isn’t just about functionality, but also about your personality. Here, we listed 5 of the most common types of bicycle used in Singapore and what it says about you – the cyclist.

Single-speed bicycle

A single-speed bicycle is one of the best bicycle types for beginners

Image credit: Unsplash

About the bicycle: If you are a long-time cyclist, this was probably one of the first bicycles you rode while playing at the park near your HDB flat. Simple and basic, a single-speed bicycle is easy to use. It lets you ride without worrying about the technicality. Suitable for beginners or those on a budget.

About the cyclist: You are a simple person who enjoys the little things in life. When you cycle, you just want to enjoy the experience while getting from point A to point B. Why complicate stuff when everything can be so simple?

10-speed bicycle

A 10-speed bicycle is suitable for racing

About the bicycle: A 10-speed bicycle has gears to let you change the pedalling resistance. It can go from speed 1 (faster and lesser resistance) for going uphill, and all the way to speed 10 (slower and more resistance) to help you maintain speed downhill. It can be used for leisure, racing and exercising. Ramp up the pedal resistance!

About the cyclist: You are a practical person who seeks value and efficiency. You want things to be in order. Plan before execute. As a cycling enthusiast, you ensure that your bicycle can be used everywhere. You are also an eco-friendly person because you cycle wherever you go, for your health and the environment.

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Hybrid bicycle

A hybrid bicycle resting against a tree in a forest

Image credit: Unsplash

About the bicycle: A combination of road bicycle and mountain bike. Built for comfort and durability, it has large padded seat, easy-grip handles and large tyre size. The rock ‘n roll bike that provides you the ability to cross many terrains. An all-in-one bicycle suitable for all.

About the cyclist: If this is your bicycle of choice, you’d probably ride it for a long time since nothing else can beat it. Either on-road or off-road, you appreciate comfort while doing what you love. You are adventurous and curious. Is there a trail going up that hill? You’re eager to know what’s at the top.

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Foldable bicycle

A foldable bike is convenient if you cycle to work

About the bicycle: Pricey, but convenient. It’s a light-weight bicycle that is designed to fold into compact form for carrying, transport or storage.

About the cyclist: A professional with a vision. You chase goals and won’t let anything comes in your way to the top. Hence, you don’t mind spending extra bucks for convenience. That’s why you opt for a fast and easy mode of transport so you can hop on and off the MRT, climb stairs or take the lift with your trusty bike by your side.

Power-assisted bicycle

A powered-assistaed bicycle with it's special rechargeable battery installed in the middle of the frame

Image credit: Unsplash

About the bicycle: Also known as e-bicycle, it uses a battery-powered motor to assist in pedalling. It can travel faster and further than regular bicycle with lesser effort from the cyclist. It’s also an energy efficient and emission-free motorised mode of transport that still offers health benefits to the cyclist.

About the cyclist: You love technology and want to make cycling a breeze. Who wants to reach the destination tired and sweaty anyway? Not you. You want to take care of your health by enjoying the benefit of cycling, but also take care of your knees by lowering the negative impact of cycling. You want to save the environment, just like you want to save money, by using a greener mode of transport.

Which type of bicycle is for you?

A young man looking at for his next bike

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