5 Stress-Relieving Tips for Lunar New Year Travellers

Lunar new year decorations - red lanterns

For most of those who celebrate, the Lunar New Year is a bittersweet time. Despite the rare joy of having the whole family together, no one – but no one – is spared from the prying questions of curious, well-meaning relatives. It’s no wonder you’ve decided to take a holiday, squarely timed to render you unavailable for the festivities – we won’t tell! As you plan your getaway, here are 5 reminders that, if heeded, will guarantee you as stress-free a holiday as possible.

#1 Pre-visits and e-angpows

Unfortunately, being away doesn’t exempt you from tradition, but it’s not like you meant to avoid it anyway… right? The Lunar New Year is a wonderful time to show appreciation to your loved ones, so it’s a kind gesture to hand along red packets to friends and family dear to you. While physical red packet transactions may be possible for those you will meet before leaving, e-payment apps make a good alternative otherwise.

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#2 Arrange to visit closer relatives

We don’t remember a time when the Lunar New Year wasn’t about visiting relatives. Unsurprisingly, some members of your family may consider New Year visitation an important sign of respect. If you know this to be the case, schedule a visit before your trip, or after you return, but preferably within the 15 days of celebration. Either way, it’s always nice to pay respects to your elders on special occasions.

#3 Prep your home

While eschewing the full-blown spring clean this year, make a point to tidy your home so you return from holiday to a clean house. Most minimally, remove your Christmas decorations and give your year-worn home a once-over with the vacuum.

If you’re going to be away for a while, the stagnant air in your home can cause dust to settle. It shouldn’t matter so much on floors and furniture, but dust on beds and couches can cause uncomfortable allergies. Talk about a rude welcome home! To prevent this, lay plastic sheets on surfaces you want to protect.

#4 Do your research

Choose a convenient destination

Picking a destination can be tricky this time of year. In countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year, train stations and bus terminals fill with people journeying homeward to family, so avoid competing with the throng by reserving your tickets early and arriving ahead of your departure. There’s always the possibility of being turned away for overweight luggage, so pack light.

Food-lovers, a word of caution: eating out can be challenging in places that observe the Lunar New Year. For the season, restaurants tend to hike up their prices on normal menu items and/or offer only set menus with fixed combinations. Some stores also close for the occasion, which could encumber any planned shopping expeditions.

Instead, why not take a road trip with the family or feed your adrenaline addiction on a Southeast Asian adventure? If you’re still not sure where to go, our 2020 travel guide can help.

Cruise into the sunset

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The Lunar New Year is the perfect time to take a cruise. As you prepare to sail into the horizon, budget for add-ons such as specialty dining options, spas and drinks. Shore excursions will also be made at your own expense, in which case you should make reservations on tours you’d like to take. Finally, cruise-goers frequently complain about insufficient power sockets in the cabin. If permitted by your line, take an extension with a surge protector. That way, everyone gets to charge.

Did you know? Tiq Travel Insurance covers cruises too. You get your tan going, and we’ll look after the rest!

#5 Buy travel insurance

Whether your paradise lies over sky, land or ocean, good travel insurance is your must-have lucky charm on holiday. For your money’s worth, get your insurance as early as possible just in case you lose deposits for insured reasons.

#TiqOurWord Tiq Travel Insurance is your best comeback to the unexpected. With automatic flight tracking, claims are credited to you upon delays of just 3 hours. Tiq also provides Emergency Travel Assistance, available worldwide upon notification of insured emergency. To us, your safety and peace of mind come first. Learn more here.

Plan to relax

We hope you liked our little list of pre-holiday reminders for the festive season. This time, last-minute obligations won’t get the better of your break. Lunar New Year stress, step aside: the world awaits!


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