Common Causes of Road Accidents in Singapore

Road Accidents in Singapore

You probably heard about the recent high-profile Tanjong Pagar crash involving a BMW, which ended up in a blaze, claiming several lives. Even with technology and greater safety emphasis on our roads, road accidents do happen.

In 2020, there were 5,555 road traffic accidents in Singapore. Road traffic accidents, related deaths and injuries all saw a marked decline last year compared with 2019. Despite the decline, there was still a slight rise in accidents resulting from speeding and a sharp jump in the number of fatal drink driving accidents.

It helps to have adequate car insurance, but being forewarned is forearmed! Read on for the common causes of road accidents in Singapore and how you can avoid them.

Common causes of road accidents

Road accidents can happen for many reasons. Some are caused by negligence or poor judgement, while others are purely accidental.

Speeding & wet weather conditions

Speeding and wet weather

Reckless drivers often end up in needless accidents. Speeding can cause one to easily lose control of your vehicle, especially when it rains and visibility is low.

The roads in Singapore are not meant to be a racetrack, with the speed limit being regulated at 50km/h on roads and up to 90km/h on expressways. Always keep to the speed limit!

Failure to keep a proper lookout

Drivers today are faced with multiple distractions while behind the wheel. Aside from texting or calling, it could also be the case of being too engrossed with navigating the GPS.

To prevent distractions, avoid using your mobile phone while driving. If navigational help is needed, either have someone direct you or memorise the route beforehand.

Drink driving

drink driving can cause road accidentsThe artfully placed police roadblocks set up after midnight are clear indications that drink driving is a regular occurrence. While in a drunken stupor, the danger lies in reduced reaction times and obscured vision – definitely not suitable for driving.

For first time offenders, this carries the penalty of being fined, a jail term or both while the penalties are no doubt harsher for repeat offenders. In the event of an accident, the damage could be unthinkable.

So, get behind the wheel only when you are in the right condition to drive. Otherwise, engage a valet service to drive you home or opt to retrieve your vehicle the following day.

Beating the red light

Traffic lights are designed to engineer different traffic conditions and amber is a warning sign for drivers to slow down and stop, yet some drivers see it as a chance for them to speed up to shave some minutes from waiting for the green light again.

It will no doubt save you time, but the risk of getting into an accident will always be high. It is always better to be late than never.

Irresponsible pedestrians

irresponsible pedestrians

At times, drivers might just be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Pedestrians can be ignorant of the flow of traffic. Especially in crowded areas of Singapore, it is common to see pedestrians with their eyes glued to their phones. Also, errant cyclists have been known to flout traffic rules, which present greater risks on the road for all motorists.

Recently, an elderly cyclist who flouted the traffic rules by nonchalantly cycling across the road when the traffic lights were red. Thankfully, due to the alertness of the driver and the timely sounding of a horn, an accident was averted when the cyclist made a detour and maneuvered out of harms’ way.

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Keep calm and drive safely

Safety first when you're on the roadDriving with good judgement and being an alert driver will most probably prevent you from getting into accidents in the first place. Nevertheless, accidents do happen when you least expected.

Having a reliable car insurance can help you to keep calm and drive safely. Our Private Car Insurance offers different levels of cover, with comprehensive coverage that includes loss or damage caused by fire, theft as well as other insured causes. This plan also offers additional benefits covering your medical expenses (up to S$1,000) and towing services (up to S$200).

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