Things to Know About GST Hike

Easy ways to prepare for GST hike in Singapore

It has been 2 years since the Singapore Government first announced its plans in 2018 to increase Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 7% to 9%. While the GST will remain at 7% this year, the GST hike cannot be deferred indefinitely, and will take place by 2025.

Instead of lamenting over things we cannot change, let’s prepare for the expected rise in the cost of living. Here’s how you can start with these 5 easy ways.

1. Review your budget

Review your budget to prepare for GST hike

With GST slated to increase by 2% within the next four years, you know your expenditure’s going to rise. To arrive at a better financial position, you need to assess your earning capacity and your expenditures now.

Besides trying to increase your income, it helps to be more prudent with how you spend. Prioritise your spending by differentiating needs from wants. For example, do you really need that gym membership to stay fit and healthy? How about jogging outdoors or following YouTube workouts at home?

Better yet, factor in the 9% GST into your budget now, so that you will be able to set aside the money required for the projected increase in advance.

2. Buy big-ticket items before the GST hike

Buy big ticket items before GST hike

If you are thinking of purchasing big-ticket items such as furniture, home appliances or car, you may want to do so before the GST hike. Say you are planning to buy a new car, which will cost at least S$70,000 (excluding COE), a GST hike of 2% will make you S$1,400 poorer. Therefore, it makes sense to time and evaluate your purchases as the savings will be substantial.

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3. Support small local businesses

Support local small businesses

Not all businesses will be affected by the projected GST hike, as they only need to be registered for GST when their taxable turnover exceed S$1 million. Therefore, if you buy your groceries from a small, family-run provision shop in your neighbourhood, instead of a chain supermarket, you can save money on GST.

Furthermore, you are helping another local family stay afloat. Definitely a win-win situation when you support small local businesses in such times!

4. Keep track of ongoing expenses

Keep track of ongoing expensesDo you have ongoing expenses, such as your cable TV or Netflix subscription or that club membership that will be affected by the GST hike in future? Are they really essentials you can’t do without? Or can you cancel them and go for cheaper alternatives?

Keep track of your usage patterns for these recurring expenses so you can review your real need for these expenditures.

5. Plan your finances for the long term

Like it or not, the GST hike by 2025 will result in a general rise in the cost of living. This does not only impact your budget and expenses, but may also change your long-term financial plans. In light of the rising taxes, you should review your emergency funds and intended retirement income.

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