Tips To Maintain Your Car During The Pandemic

Tips to maintain your car

As Singapore prepares to enter phase 3, many have returned to their workplace but recent survey shows that 8 in 10 Singaporeans prefer to work from home. Working from home would not require you to commute to your workplace, so you may find yourself using your car less frequent this year or perhaps even barely at all! Here’s how to maintain your car while you stay indoors more during this pandemic. Read on!

Drive at least once a week

Try to drive your car at least once a week even if it is just around your HDB block or neighbourhood. This prevents dead battery and keeps your car parts such as transmission and brakes lubricated. If you leave your car sitting for too long, oils may start to settle. Fluids will begin to separate. Seals may also begin to dry out. This can cause damage to your car.

Driving your car helps to avoid flat spots on tyres as they lose air over time. If you have old tyres, look out for rubber deterioration, cracking, flaking, bulging or discolouration caused by age. Make it a habit to inspect your car tyres before heading out on the road.

Park in a good spot

You probably know this already but try to avoid parking under trees (for obvious reasons!) and on grassy patches because moisture could travel up into your car’s undercarriage and cause rust. If you intend to leave your car parked for longer periods, do not use parking brakes. This can cause the brake pads and rotor to rust and fuse together.

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Top up on petrol

If you’re feeling the pinch for petrol, here’re some easy steps to increase your petrol mileage rather than stinge on car fuel. Do fill up your petrol tank to avoid condensation. Water in the petrol tank can cause various problems such as sudden stalling of engine, trouble accelerating, and reduction in car mileage or worst case scenario: the engine will not start at all!

Wax and seal

Protect your car with wax to prolong the longevity of the paint. Also consider investing in a good quality car cover, preferably with tie-down straps so it would stay on in case of strong winds or storms.

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Beware of unwanted visitors

Vacuum thoroughly to avoid cockroaches, rats or other pests making a home in your car. Idle cars are good targets for pests to settle in the hood of your car, which can be a nuisance as they will not only leave foul smelling feces but might also nibble on the wires!

Another unwanted visitor that none of us ever want to encounter would be … … car thieves! Be mindful to keep your expensive belongings out of sight, and perhaps even invest in a steering lock! A comprehensive car insurance like the Private Car Insurance from Tiq by Etiqa can also cover you in case of car loss or theft. Learn more.

Upkeep normal maintenance schedule

Regular oil changes will and improve petrol mileage. Hence, do maintain your car with regular servicing for oil changes and have the brakes inspected every six months or at every 10,000km mileage interval (whichever comes first).

Review your car insurance plan

Having a reliable car insurance can help you to manage unexpected car expenses. Regardless of the usage of your car, it pays to review your car insurance plans at least once a year to ensure that the coverage meets your needs.

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