Chipped Car Paint: 4 Quick Fixes and 3 Alternatives

Scratched car after road accident

Every car owner remembers finding the first scratch. Even more memorable is the ensuing dismay at realising that your once-pristine paint job will never be the same. Chipped car paint is hard to prevent, and yet this knowledge does little to bolster the disappointment.

Several paint chips and scratches later, you’ve lost count and your car is beginning to look a little worse for wear. For the resourceful and the steady-handed, here are 4 easy fixes and 3 alternative solutions for a damaged paint job. Your car will be gleaming again in no time.

Quick fix 1: Car wax

New black car with wax

Car paint is delicate and scratches are inevitable – from carelessly opened doors in the neighbouring parking lot to studded jeans and bag zippers, just about anything can leave a scar. Thankfully, these superficial marks are easy to hide.

Frequent washing and waxing can help fill in small scratches and also smoothen any ridges to make the scratch appear less obvious.

#TiqOurWord Purchasing a car but worried about scratches ruining the shine? Choose a white paint job, which will do best to hide any uneven surfaces. Scratches show up most clearly on darker colours.

Quick fix 2: Polishing

Machine polish for car

If you’d like to go the extra mile in removing imperfections in your paint job, have your car polished before waxing.

This additional step involves washing and drying your car thoroughly, then using clay or other buffing materials to remove scratches and restore the shine to your car’s paintwork. Results of a good polish can last as long as a year.

The car polishing products and materials used need to be selected based on the car and surface types. In Singapore, you can engage professional car polishing services from around S$50, while the price of a full grooming package varies.

If you’d like to take the research and maintenance work into your own hands, you can purchase car polishing machines online or from select motor workshops.

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Quick fix 3: Touch-up paint

Touch up paint for car stone chip

This one’s a DIY tip for small chips in the paintwork that expose the underlying metal. While less common than scratches, these can sometimes arise from airborne pebbles rolling off construction vehicles or kicked up from the side of the road.

First, clean and wax your car lightly to smooth any rough edges around the chipped area. Clean the area with alcohol to remove excess wax. Next, apply an automotive paint primer and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. This will help the paint you apply next to adhere to the metal.

To figure out the right shade of paint to use, look for a sticker that should be located toward the bottom of the driver’s side door jam, at a bottom corner of your windshield or in the glove box.

Sometimes, the dealer you purchased your car from will also sell touch-up paint in the exact shade you need. If you cannot find the perfect match, you can purchase a touch-up kit and mix it yourself. Alternatively, car paint markers are available for purchase online.

Once your primer has dried, apply a small layer of touch-up paint over the primer layer. Apply a second coat an hour later, then leave to dry for several days, after which you can polish or wax to buff out any rough edges.

For repairing larger chips in your car paint, clean the chipped area with rust remover before applying paint primer. Once the paint primer has dried, use wet sandpaper to smoothen out ant brushstrokes before painting.

Quick fix 4: Repair pens

Paint repair pens, otherwise referred to as scratch repair pens, are clear coat pens designed to fill scratches in and prevent rusting of the metal. Similarly to the paint markers of our childhood, you use these by pressing the tip down to draw over the blemished area.

Once dry, these pens are advertised to make small scratches disappear. Clean and wax the area afterward to cement the repair job.

Alternative solution 1: Car wrapping

Textured car wrap in Singapore

If you believe your car’s paintwork has crossed the point of no return, it could be time to have it wrapped. The simple process includes coating your car in a layer of coloured plastic foil or vinyl to mimic paint.

The coating layer is carefully tailored with razors to fit your car components, so virtually no surface on your car body is off limits. This method is recommended especially if your car has complicated contours that may be harder to cover with paint.

Additionally, wrapping offers the choice of graphic designs, which would be difficult to achieve with paint.
In Singapore, a full wrap in a basic colour will cost you around S$800, not a bad price for a little extra pride in your ride.

Alternative solution 2: Repainting

Repainting car with spray paint

While slightly more costly than a wrap, repainting your car does a more thorough job of removing imperfections, with more permanent results. This method is however more labour intensive, so expect that your car will be in the workshop for a longer time.

Depending on where you go and which paint you choose, a full repaint will cost anywhere from S$1,000 to over S$10,000. The good news is, if you plan to sell your car in the future, a newer paint job can fetch you a higher price.

Alternative solution 3: Make the most of your car insurance

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