Step-by-Step Guide for Maid Transfer

Guide to getting a transfer maid

Due to travel restrictions, almost no new foreign domestic helpers (FDW) are being hired in Singapore. As a result, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has made it easier by allowing employers to hire transfer maids through maid agencies. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

Why transfer maid?

This is currently a safe and low-risk way to hire a maid. There is less risk of disease transmission because they are not coming from another country.

Also, employers who wish to terminate their maid’s contract may do so through an employment agency even if the maid has not yet found a new employer. If she is not rehired within 14 days, she will be repatriated to her home country by the appointed agent.

Employers benefit from this because they save money on expatriation and air ticket costs. Agencies that provide such services are registered and listed on The Association of Employment Agencies website (, making the process simple for employers.

What are the benefits of hiring a transfer maid?

#1 Lower cost for former and new employers

Former employers can save money on their maid’s return ticket, while new employers avoid the costs of bringing in a new FDW into the country. These expenses include professional courses for new maids conducted by MOM.

#2 Availability of work history

You can assess the transfer maid’s suitability by reviewing her work history, ratings, and recommendations (from the agency or previous employers), as well as interviewing her.

#3 Transfer maids are experienced

Because transfer maids have already worked in Singapore, less training is required. Compared to a new maid with zero experience, a transfer maid would know her way around, be able to communicate effectively, be aware of local dietary preferences, and understand how to use electronics and appliances better.

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How does the maid transfer process work?

Transfer maid checklist

An approved maid agency can help with the maid transfer process. Remember the following steps.

For new employer

If you want to hire a transfer maid:

  1. Ensure that the current employer has sent the maid for her 6-monthly medical examination.
  2. Get the current employer’s written consent on the transfer. You will receive the IPA letter, which will have information on the transfer date and when the new Work Permit needs to be issued by.
    (Don’t forget to get maid insurance for your helper. Recognised as the most affordable maid insurance in town, Tiq Maid Insurance meets the medical insurance and personal accident requirements by MOM, and offers other optional upgrades. Learn more here)

*The first 2 steps need to be done at least 30 days before the maid’s Work Permit expires

  1. The declaration form attached to the IPA needs to be signed by you, the current employer and the maid.
  2. Upload the completed declaration form and print the Temporary Work Permit (TWP) via MOM e-services.
  3. Once the maid has the TWP, she can start working for you. Her previous Work Permit will be cancelled automatically.

Check the MOM official site for more information about hiring a transfer maid.

For current employers

If you want to terminate your maid’s contract and transfer her to a new employer:

  1. Ensure that your maid has gone for her latest 6-monthly medical examination.
  2. Confirm the transfer agreement by signing the declaration form in the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter given by the new employer or agency representative.
  3. Continue paying the levy until the date of transfer. You have to do this until the maid is hired by the new employer.
  4. Once the maid is issued a new Work Permit with the new employer, her current Work Permit will be cancelled and your levy billing will stop. Don’t forget to cancel your maid insurance; refer to your policy wording to check if you can get a refund fo the unexpired period of insurance.
  5. Return the Work Permit card within 1 week of the maid transfer to MOM Work Pass Division.
  6. Your security bond will be discharged after 1 week and you will be notified on the discharged by post.

Check the MOM official site for more information about transferring your maid.

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How to choose the best transfer maid?

How to choose a suitable transfer maid?

#1 Recommendations for the maid

Learn more about the maid by reading online reviews from reputable maid agencies or speak with her current employer.

#2 Interview the transfer maid

When you’ve found a good candidate, you can choose to get to know her better by contacting your agency about the possibility of an interview.

#3 Let her know your expectations, too

Are there any specific instructions your maid needs to follow while living in your home? For instance, what about caring for toddlers or the elderly? What about your proposed salary? These should be communicated during the interview.

Maid transfer and protection made easy

The process of maid transfer has been made easy by MOM for employers. Both the employer who is hiring and the one who is transferring can save on expenses while getting the services they require. With Tiq Maid Insurance, you can be further protected from unexpected expenses and liabilities as an employer. Learn more here.


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