What Is Your Travel Personality?

So you have jio-ed your best friends on an overseas trip together, and you can’t wait to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life with your girlfriends or best buds! The next question is – what kind of traveller are you? It’s no fun planning an itinerary full of heritage sights when all you want to do is shop, and vice versa. If you aren’t sure about your travel type, then we have some questions you can check off to determine your style. Take this simple questionnaire below to find out your travel persona!

First things first. What’s the first thing you think of when packing for your trip?

  1. Definitely my straw hat, sunglasses, and Instagram-worthy outfits
  2. My credit card. Period.
  3. My camera and lenses, duh!

Next, what accommodation would you want to stay in?

  1. A beach villa or mountain inn, but with all the comforts of home.
  2. A place where I’m closest to my favourite shopping spots!
  3. Anywhere is fine as long as I can access my favourite scenic spots in a heartbeat.

Do you think you’ll need extra luggage space?

  1. Nah, all I need are my necessities and perhaps my phone and laptop.
  2. I don’t think – I NEED the extra space for all my shopping and souvenirs!
  3. I’ll bring it as a carry-on. My photography equipment are top priority!

Lastly, what is the ideal holiday to you?

  1. A glamorous vacay where I can get in touch with my inner natural self.
  2. Glitzy shopping malls and local markets are part of my ideal holiday!
  3. Traversing scenic landscapes is my kind of travel.

Time to total up your scores! What did you get?

If your answer is mainly number 1s, then you may identify with…

The Glamper

If you love the outdoors and nature but prefer to take it easy instead of roughing it out, then the Glamper is who you identify with. Adding a touch of class to your itinerary, you prefer waking up to the sights of the sea and stepping out to the fresh balmy breeze. Island glamping is ideal for getting away from city life; step out into the mountain wilderness in the Irish Aran islands, or enjoy the private glamping getaway on Sumilon Island near Cebu. Due to the remote locations, your flights may sometimes be unpredictable with potential travel delay. But with Tiq Travel Insurance providing automated flight delay benefit claims and instant payout (which means you get real-time notifications about flight delays, and automatic delay-claims approvals), you can enjoy your glamping trip in style without worry!

If you’ve ticked all the number 2s, then you may identify with…

The Shopper

Retail therapy is the name of the game, and ‘shop till you drop’ isn’t just a metaphor for you! With a wider range of goods to choose from overseas, you don’t mind spending a little more for an enjoyable shopping experience. You can travel to Thailand’s Ratchaprasong shopping district or Taiwan’s night markets for shopping spots with the best bang for your buck. If you don’t mind splurging a little, Korea’s Gangnam and Japan’s Shinjuku districts are popular spots for luxury goods and cosmetics. Be alert though, sometimes pickpockets may be on the prowl. If (knock on wood!) the unthinkable ever happens, Tiq Travel Insurance will protect you from any loss of money and travel documents with its comprehensive coverage.

If number 3s are high on your list, then you may identify with…

The Snapper

No, we aren’t talking about the fish here! The snapper is the traveller with an eye for detail, and can be seen with a camera at all times. He or she often returns with the nicest-looking snaps from the trip, and is always the designated group photographer. If the snapper is who you identify with, then you will definitely appreciate travel destinations with picturesque landscapes.

Catch a ride in a Turkish hot-air balloon in Cappadocia, and get a shot of the landscape peppered with other balloons; or photograph the lush rice field terraces in Vietnam amidst the sunset. While you may want to get that perfect shot, do take note of your surroundings too: it’s better to miss a shot than to sustain an unwanted injury! On the other hand, do ensure you have Tiq Travel Insurance as your safety net, so that you are insured for overseas hospital claims, as well as treatment in Singapore post-trip. That will allow you to head out with one less burden of worry during your travels!

Regardless of your travel personality, having Tiq Travel Insurance will definitely give you a peace of mind. Be it a glamping trek, a shopping tour, or a photography expedition, you can go for your holiday without worry.


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