Welcome Back! 7 Tips to Deal with Post-Holiday Blues

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Studies have shown that vacations can help reduce blood pressure, boost physical health, improve mental health, restore sleep quality, and help you live longer. So we understand the pain of having to drag your feet back to the office after that long break. How you yearn for that long vacation again while you struggle to remember the login password to your PC first thing in the morning. But how can one deal with the post-holiday blues until the next big adventure?

What is post-holiday blues?

Before you think that post-holiday blues is just an excuse to eat snake*, it’s a legit condition! It’s the combination of fatigue, nostalgia and sadness after having an enjoyable experience. The side-effects of travelling such as dehydration, muscle aches and jetlag can make it worse. Post-holiday blues can last for several days or even weeks. And here’s how you can overcome it.

*Eat snake is a Singlish term that refers to skiving at work or slacking off tasks and responsibilities.

#1 Don’t procrastinate

Start unpacking! Don’t leave the luggage bag in your room unpacked for several days as a post-vacation remnant of a good time once had. Wash the dirty laundry, put back the toiletries where they should be, and those souvenirs you brought back? Start decorating your house with them or give them to your family and friends.

#2 Go out and be active

The thought of London Underground still fresh on your mind? Can’t get enough of the seafood you had on Jeju Island? Your jetlag might be contributing to your post-holiday blues. Go outdoors, get that dose of vitamin D (from the morning sun, by the way) and exercise. Your brain will appreciate the surge of endorphins.

#3 Buffer period

Don’t go back to work right away. And by that, we don’t mean you should skip work (ha, you wish). You should plan your holiday in a way that leave a few days for you to recuperate once you get back. Give yourself time to rest, sleep and catch up on things.

#4 Focus on your next big goal

Coming back from a vacation, you will have a performance advantage over everyone else because you are equipped with a well-rested mind and a more positive attitude. Whether you are aiming to close that high-ticket sales, finish a project, get a promotion or secure a raise, now is the time to achieve your goals in high spirit.

#5 Socialise

Don’t marinade yourself in a puddle of self-hate. Make plans to go out with your friends and family so you have something to look forward to. Share stories and photos with them. Give them those souvenirs as a sign of gratitude for their company. This will not only help you connect with them, but also strengthen those travel memories in a more positive light.

#6 Immortalise your trip

Dear diary, I had a blast at Hong Kong Disneyland this year… Okay, nobody keeps a diary anymore. But everyone has social media. Practice gratitude and reflect upon your trip. Relive the moments by uploading photos and writing down your experience. Not only will this immortalise the trip for you, but you can share it with the people you know. Do practice caution when sharing information online though. Click here to find out how you can protect yourself online with Personal Cyber Insurance from Tiq by Etiqa.

#7 Plan your next holiday

Grab a calendar and take note of any long weekends and holiday dates. Note the seasons (summer, winter, rainy, durian?) and start your next vacation plan. This will give you a sense of purpose and something to look forward to. Don’t forget to get yourself covered with Tiq Travel Insurance. You can even plan several months in advance because Tiq Travel Insurance provides a comprehensive travel protection that covers you for up to 60 days before the commencement of your trip. Read more about Tiq Travel Insurance here.

Live your life in-transit

Looking forward to the next travel destination in order to overcome the post-holiday bluesPost-holiday blues is something many travellers complain about. We experience it because it’s in our human nature to wander and explore. So don’t let this temporary pit-stop get you down. Your next destination is waiting.


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