Working From Home? Make Your Home Work for You

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Home office

Flexible working arrangement – the office worker’s phrase of the decade. With more bosses open to granting their team members the freedom to choose where and when they work, work is becoming increasingly mobile, and as a common alternative working environment, the home takes on yet another function.

There are loads of guides online for how to approach your superior to discuss this option, usually on the premise that working remotely enhances one’s productivity and quality of contribution. And yet we know that the home can be an extremely distracting environment!

So for anyone looking to work from home (or any other activity that requires concentration), we’ve drawn up a list of musts for making your home the perfect working environment.

#1 Compartmentalise

A desktop showing the message "Do more"

Image credit: Unsplash

Your mother was right, and it’s taken you the better part of your adulthood thus far to realise: there’s a place for everything. While previously appropriated to deter texting at the dinner table, you’ve come to find it impossible to work in bed, or on a cluttered study area.

Fix this by clearing some space you can consecrate to focused work. Everyone is different, so this could range from a single table to a whole room – find what works for you!

#2 Customise your space

Interesting decoration pieces on home office desk

Image credit: Unsplash

Now that you have more freedom than ever over your working environment, own it by making this space completely yours. Kick things up a notch with some simple decorations, or put up a slogan to inspire you in lulls. If greenery relaxes you, get a house plant that you can care for to take a break. If you enjoy working with music, get a set of speakers and put on some #lofihiphop to set the mood for getting stuff done.

#3 Keep it minimal

Minmalist home office decor

Image credit: Unsplash

Decorating can be exciting work! But resist the temptation to overpopulate your space with decorations or work paraphernalia like stationery. A minimal set up is not only easy to clean, but combats clutter… and a cluttered mind.

Taking a leaf from a previous entry on minimalist interiors, consider tidying your work area by keeping less important items tucked away in boxes and files. Why settle for organised chaos when you can have low-maintenance storage instead?

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#4 Invest in things that will increase your productivity

Neat desk at home

Image credit: Unsplash

Remember that working from home is more than a matter of comfort – your boss will agree to it only if it guarantees the same or more productivity on your end, and contributes to achieving the objectives of the team. With this in mind, it’s important to optimise your work space for focus.

Whether you work better with more monitor screens or an ergonomic table, have a good think about what you can do to concentrate better. Desk-bound employees often suffer from bad posture, so get a comfortable seat that provides adequate back support. Alternatively, stay active and alert with a yoga ball as a seat.

Home sweet home

Beauitful home office with a desktop and laptop

Image credit: Unsplash

Thinking of work from home? Perhaps you’ve already gotten the green light, or perhaps you’re planning to change up your home space for an activity not related to work. Or maybe you’re a student looking for somewhere to study. However you identify, we hope you’ve come away with some tips on how you can make your home space an even better place to focus. Naturally, there a million other places you can take your work, but there is truly no place like home.


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