Easy Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Easy Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

Regular motorcycle maintenance is important, as wear and tear can easily lead to accidents on the road. To ensure your safety and a good riding experience, you should care for your motorcycle regularly. The maintenance schedule depends on a few factors such as your make and model, mileage and time.

Wondering how often you should do motorcycle maintenance or what needs to be done and how much it costs? Read on for our easy guide on motorcycle maintenance so you can ride safe and fun! You can actually take on some of the maintenance work on your own too. 😉

Motorcycle maintenance checklist

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

A popular question would usually be about the costs involved. Depending on how often you ride your motorcycle, how well it is being maintained and whether parts are needed to be changed, the maintenance cost could range from S$20 for simple maintenance work to more than S$200, for the replacement of motorcycle parts.

Motorcycle maintenance does not only consist of the usual practice of changing of engine oil, cleaning out the filters or replacing worn tires. Here’s a list of things you should consider the next time you are maintaining your motorcycle.

1. Change engine oil regularly

The engine oil is critical to how the bike works as it serves to lubricate the components in your motorcycle and prevent your ride from overheating.

Check your owner’s manual for the frequency of changing your oil. Ideally, you should change your oil at least once per year. Depending on your mileage and the conditions where you ride your motorcycle, you will need to change the oil more often. The level of your engine oil should be checked before you hit the road – it should be at high or max level.

2. Cleaning out the air filter

Your engine has to work harder when the filter is dirty and clogged with debris. This will cause your motorbike to become sluggish. Regular cleaning of the air filter can be done with compressed air. With a clean air filter, your motorcycle shall perform better and you will have a nicer riding experience.

Clean the motorcycle chain regularly

3. Keep the motorcycle chain clean

The drive chain is what keeps your ride together. Making sure the chain tension is right will help to prolong the life of your motorbike. The chain should also be cleaned whenever it gets particularly dirty, or at the recommendations of your owner’s manual.

Cleaning is easy, all you need is a chain cleaner and chain lubricant to ensure it is clean and well lubricated.

4. Maintain tyre pressure and tread

For your safety and the durability of your tyres, you should always maintain the air pressure in your tyres, as well as to check for any signs of wear and tear.

To see how your tread is doing, check the tyre’s wear indicator—that little rubber knob that resides in the grooves of the tyre.

5. Test the brakes

You should never start a journey you would not be able to end. Always test your brakes before each ride to make sure they are working well. This also means making sure the brake fluid level is at its optimal level.

Brakes should be replaced as recommended in the owner’s manual.  The thickness of the brake pads should also be replaced regularly.

6. Sticking with a workshop that works for you

Your motorbike is a pricey investment and finding a good motorcycle workshop can be daunting, especially since no one has the intention of patronising a workshop that leaves your motorbike in a worst state than when you left it.

From our experience, here are three trusted workshops that give good advice, performs high-quality work, and ultimately has your safety at heart.

Is your motorcycle due for maintenance?

Maintain your motorcycle

By caring for your motorcycle regularly, you can increase the ‘longevity’ of your ride and save on unnecessary costs. Most importantly, it ensures your safety on the road.

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