Ultimate Money Saving Hacks with Tiq Travel: A Beginners Guide

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Who doesn’t like saving money on travel spends? With the year-end holidays fast approaching, we share the ultimate money saving hacks with Tiq Travel Insurance to help you get more bang for buck.

Key Takeaways

  • All you need to know about the FREETRAVEL promotion
  • Step-by-step guide on stacking Tiq Travel promos
  • How to refer your friends to save even more money

All you need to know about the FREE TRAVEL promotion

New to Etiqa Insurance and want to save S$30 off your travel insurance premiums with Tiq Travel? Use the FREETRAVEL voucher code from now till 30 June 2024.

Limited redemptions of the voucher code FREETRAVEL is available each day1. Check out the remaining codes for redemption at the Free Travel Campaign page.

How can I redeem this promotion?

You’ll first need to be eligible for this incredible deal. Here’s how:

  • You need to be a new to Etiqa Online customer and have never bought any products from tiq.com.sg
  • You can only redeem this promotion and use the voucher code once as a new to Etiqa Online customer

If this is you – congrats, you’re on your way to saving S$30 of your travel insurance premium. That’s S$30 you can spend on a meaningful travel experience, travel data SIM, or even a great meal!

Stacking Tiq Travel Promos: A Step-By-Step Guide

Did you know that you can stack Tiq Travel promotions? Here we explain how you can maximise your savings with Tiq Travel.

Promo Code: With ongoing percentage off discount promotions, key in the promo code for the current promo or during our flash sales and get savings. Check out our promotion page to get a view of all our latest promotions.

Referral Code: Get this from a friend who’s already a Tiq by Etiqa Insurance customer and help them earn S$102 when you sign up.

Voucher Code: If you’re eligible for the FREE Travel Campaign, don’t forget to key in FREETRAVEL to get that S$30 off your travel insurance premium.


Keep saving by referring your friends to Tiq Travel

While you can only use the FREETRAVEL voucher code once for S$30 off. Here’s how you can keep saving by taking part in Tiq’s Refer and Earn program. This referral program gets you S$10 for every new to Etiqa Online customer that purchases Tiq Travel Insurance using your referral code2.

Why should I refer my friends?

*The Referral Fee will be credited into your TiqConnect eWallet account within 14 business days after the successful online purchase by your Referee. The policy must still be in-force.

How do I locate my referral code?

Your referral code is easily found in your Tiq by Etiqa app.

  1. Download the Tiq by Etiqa App
  2. Create an account (if you haven’t already) or sign in with your account
  3. Click on “More” at the navigation bar at the bottom of the app
  4. Click on Refer and Earn
  5. Click on Share Link and choose to share your code via your apps or SMS OR copy your referral code and share it with your friends

Spreading the FREETRAVEL deal to your friends

There’s no better time to introduce Tiq Travel Insurance to your friends and family than right now. You’ve benefited from this ultimate money saving hack, and now is time to share these hacks with them. Here’s how you can guide your friends and families to getting the same deal.

Step 1

Send your friends to the Tiq Travel quotation page to fill in their travel destination and details regarding their upcoming trip

Step 2

They’ll see REFERRAL CODE. Remind your friend to key in your referral code here.

Step 3

Tip: If they are a new to Etiqa Online customer, this will be successful and they will proceed to Step 4.

Step 4
If their premium is below S$30, there will be no payment! If their premium is above S$30, they can make the balance payment via credit/debit card!

How do I withdraw the referral fee?

You can easily withdraw your earned referral fees from you eWallet. Login to your Tiq by Etiqa App or TiqConnect Portal.

For Tiq by Etiqa App

  1. Click on “More” at the navigation bar at the bottom of the app
  2. Do ensure you have a PayNow – NRIC set up in your account
  3. Click on Withdraw Cash under Encashable balance
  4. Enter the desired amount you’d like to withdraw and click on next
  5. Check if you PayNow (NRIC) account and withdrawal amount is correct
  6. Provide your Declaration and Authorisation by clicking on the tick
  7. Click on the Submit button

For TiqConnect Portal

  1. Click on eWallet on the navigational side bar
  2. Click on the Encash button
  3. Key in your NRIC (do ensure you have a PayNow – NRIC set up)
  4. Enter your desired amount you’d like to withdraw
  5. Provide your Declaration and Authorisation
  6. Click on the Encash button at the bottom right of screen

If you do not withdraw your referral fees, you can also use it to offset future Tiq Travel Insurance policies or other eligible insurance policies. Find out more here.


Terms apply. Information is correct as of 2 May 2024. This policy is underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. (Company Reg. No. 201331905K). Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

1Tiq Travel Insurance FREE TRAVEL Campaign 2024 Terms & Conditions

2Tiq Refer & Earn Referral Program Terms & Conditions

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