10 Best Hardware Stores for All Your DIY Needs

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Have you ever called a repairman and felt like you got ripped off by their expensive service fees? We’ve all been there. But with the rise of online video tutorials, even the most difficult do-it-yourself (DIY) repair task can be made easy. With the right tools, anyone can become a DIY superstar and fix every problem without creating a dent in the bank account. Here is a list of the best hardware stores for you to get the right tools to do just that.

The ultimate home improvement hardware stores list

Hardware Shop Best For
Located Islandwide
  • General hardware and convenience
  • On-going monthly promotions all year round, premium brands
Mr D.I.Y.
  • General hardware and convenience
  • OEM tools, appliances and home storage solutions
Horme Hardware
  • Wide range of general hardware
  • Indoor and outdoor paint, bathroom accessories and power tools
Located in Central Region
Brandon Hardware Paints & Plumbing Services
  • General hardware and tools
  • Paints and plumbing equipment
Located in North Region
David Hardware & Electrical
  • General hardware
  • Industrial grade tools, home accessories, TV brackets and water taps
The Hardware Shop
  • General hardware
  • Tool box essentials (screwdrivers, screws, pliers, etc.)
  • Hardware equipment, light machinery, power tools, welding equipment
  • Hand drills, paint and safety gear
Located in West Region
NBS Hardware & Houseware Pte Ltd
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Toilet bowls, bidets and toilet hose
SunHee Hardware Paint & Electrical
  • General hardware
  • Paint and painting accessories
Samroc Paints & Hardware Supply
  • General hardware and electrical supplies
  • Paints and wires

1. Selffix

Either through its online shop or 15 physical stores across Singapore, Selffix offers DIY tools like bathroom accessories, kitchen appliances, painting kits, hardware and household cleaning tools. While prices here might be more premium than the rest on this list, they offer monthly promotions and the convenience surely makes up for it. Selffix also offers free home delivery if you spend more than S$80 on its web store.

2. Mr D.I.Y.

Head to Mr D.I.Y. if you’re looking for hardware tools, building materials and storage solutions at low prices. This Malaysian retail chain stores has been steadily increasing across Singapore with at least 10 locations so far. How affordable is Mr D.I.Y.? A small fire extinguisher costs S$3.50 and a heavy-duty lock for your front door is priced at S$8.90, as compared to S$28 for fire extinguisher and S$18 for heavy-duty lock elsewhere. You can also purchase from their online store. To save even more, check out their Facebook or Instagram page for sales and promotions.

3. David Hardware & Electrical

David Hardware & Electrical is an old-school general hardware store that has been serving residents of the North for decades. If you are searching for heavy-duty or industrial grade tools, accessories, TV brackets and water taps, this hardware store will fit all your needs. While it doesn’t have great lighting or shelving like Home-Fix or Selffix, be rest assured that it compensates with low prices.

4. Horme Hardware

Among the many hardware shops at the industrial estate of Ubi, Horme Hardware is probably the most popular one. This warehouse-sized general hardware shop sells more than 100,000 items across 21 different categories from cleaning to bathroom, power tools and light machinery. Horme Hardware also has an outlet in the Jurong industrial estate so you don’t have to travel all the way to the East for your DIY needs. Prices here are very affordable, too. They also have a website for online shopping. Remember to spend at least S$100 to get free delivery.

5. NBS Hardware & Houseware Pte Ltd

Don’t be confused by the name – it has nothing to do with the Nanyang Business School (NBS). The only similarity between them is that they are located in close proximity. Unlike the other hardware shops, NBS Hardware specialises in your everyday sanitary equipment from toilet bowls to bidets, taps and shower accessories. You can also find painting materials and other general tools like bolts, nuts and screws. NBS Hardware also sells ready-made furniture if you’re in the market for one.

6. Brandon Hardware Paint & Plumbing Supplies

Looking for painting supplies to give your home a new look? Brandon Hardware Paint & Plumbing Supplies, located near Outram Park, is the place to be. Grab your supplies here for a complete paint overhaul, from ready-made paint to spray paint and customised Nippon paint. Brandon Hardware also provides plumbing tools and plumbing services. Prices here are not cheap, but definitely competitive. A basic 1/2? diameter copper pipe costs S$3.50/ft, as compared to S$6.00/ft elsewhere. Oh, did you know that Brandon Hardware is also on Carousell?

7. The Hardware Shop

If you’re living in the Northern region of Singapore, you can visit The Hardware Shop for your hardware needs. It is located in the Woodlands Industrial Park. The Hardware Shop is stocked with basic hardware equipment for both personal and industrial usage. You can find hardware tools such as spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts of all shapes and sizes.

8. HardwareOnline.com.sg

HardwareOnline.com.sg is Singapore’s own Amazon for hardware tools. A quick glance at their website will leave you in awe of the types of hardware available. Think items like a mini compressor and hydraulic tools to start building your own furniture. Paint supplies are also available. Prices range from S$75 for a Bosch hand drill to S$20 for a safety helmet and S$12 for a chrome spray bidet with hose. A minimum spend of S$200 will get you free delivery.

9. Samroc Paints & Hardware Supply

Samroc Paints & Hardware Supply is a small neighbourhood hardware shop you’d want to check out, especially on days when the bigger hardware shops are closed, typically on weekends. As the name suggests, Samroc Paints & Hardware Supply provides hardware equipment and painting tools for you to embark on your DIY project.

10. SunHee Hardware Paint & Electrical

SunHee Hardware Paint & Electrical is one of the most reviewed neighbourhood hardware stores on Google Maps with 4.5 star rating and 50+ reviews as of February 2020. SunHee Hardware provides customers with reasonable prices for wide range of products to fulfil your DIY needs. If you’re unsure of what tools or equipment you need, their friendly staff can provide you with the right guidance.


This article is contributed by Singsaver. All information is correct as at the date of publication on 2 March 2020. For more information, please visit here.



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