A Guide On Maximising Your Honeymoon Travel

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Congratulations, newlyweds! Now that your wedding is over (or those who choose to have your pre-honeymoon together with the pre-wedding shoot), it’s time for a romantic getaway with your better half. How do you go about planning for a smooth honeymoon that forges a lifetime of wonderful memories? With wedding planning already exhausting you, you might simply brush off your honeymoon planning. However, there are some things to keep in mind so as to enjoy, relax and travel with ease on your honeymoon. With this guide, you might even impress your better half, so read on to keep in mind the tips provided on maximising your honeymoon travel!

Define your honeymoon travel style

Sit down and have a chat with your spouse on what type of honeymoon both of you would like best. A free and easy tour or one with a tour agency that pre-plans most of your itinerary? A tropical all-inclusive resort stay in Maldives with the sun, sand and sea or an adventurous road trip in Australia? Come to a common consensus on what both of you would enjoy, after all, communication is key in a relationship. Decide what both of you would like to do on your ideal honeymoon holiday and some of the travel bucket list you’d like to accomplish. Additionally, do ensure the validity of your passport and get it renewed if it’s not within six months validity from your date of travel!

Set your budget

How much are you willing to spend on your honeymoon holiday? You will have to work out a budget for your honeymoon, factoring in the cost of your flight tickets, accommodation and expenses for food, sightseeing activities and perhaps shopping. One tip to score flight tickets at a lower price is to book your flight at least three months in advance. You can do so by booking your flight tickets on sites like Skyscanner and Google Flights that compare prices of flights from different airlines to choose the best deals. If you’d like to redeem your airline miles, do take note of the flight availability and the miles required.

Did you know that travel insurance covers you for up to 60 days before your trip? Once you have confirmed your travel plans, you should get travel insurance as it protects you from trip cancellation (in case an unforeseen incident, like bad weather or political unrest, hinders your travel plans) and loss of deposit.

Accommodation is likely to take up much of your travel budget, but this being your honeymoon, where you stay is an important factor to consider. For those who wish to stay in somewhere nice but get bang for the buck, look no further beyond… loyalty program! For example, the Golden Circle by Shangri La allows valued guests to enjoy offers and privileges. At certain destinations, you can stay 3 nights and pay only for 2 nights! Other loyalty programs may allow you to redeem accommodation with airline miles.

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Planning your itinerary

Once you’ve decided on your honeymoon travel destination and budget, it’s time to plan your itinerary. One important question comes to mind: how long will your honeymoon holiday be? Certain companies offer marriage leave, which may allow you to have a longer vacation. Nevertheless, do take note of your budget when planning. Besides avoiding the school holiday seasons in Singapore where air tickets tend to be inflated (unless you book way in advance!), you should also be mindful of the tourist season in your destination. Visiting during a peak season may imply good weather but prices tend to be higher and you’d most likely encounter a crowd.

For free and easy travel, you can source for discounted day packages or attraction tickets in advance from sites like Klook or KKDay. If you’re not planning to commute via public transportation, do check out car rental rates on the site, Kayak. For recommendations on the best food to eat based on location, Google Review can be useful. If you’re travelling to Asia and the surrounding region, check out Travel141 for more information on top attractions. TripAdvisor is another site with travel reviews from users all over the world that you might find helpful.

On the other hand, you can sit back and tiq it easy by engaging a professional travel planner to plan and organise your trip.

Ask and you shall be given

You are on a once-in-a-lifetime romantic vacation, and that calls for some celebration. Here’s a good piece of news: some airlines such as Singapore Airlines will provide you with complimentary champagne and a cake on board if they’re aware that you’re off for your honeymoon holiday. The same goes for hotels – some hotels might even upgrade your room for free or provide a free spa treatment. These gestures will definitely be a pleasant surprise for the both of you. Hence, don’t be afraid to ask. Share your happiness and (marriage certificate) with your travel planner, or the airline(s) and hotel(s) that you are booking with.

Honeymoon checklist

For an unforgettable, stress-free once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon vacation, there are several other things to keep in mind before taking off. Other than having at least six months validity for your passport, check if you require a visa application for the country you’re travelling to. Apply for a visa early to save you from any hassle during immigration. Also, don’t miss out on the most important thing – your travel insurance! Get you and your better half covered with Tiq Travel Insurance for a safe, fuss-free and carefree honeymoon.

In summary, before you head for your honeymoon, discuss with your partner and define your honeymoon travel style, allocate your budget for the trip, and plan your itinerary well. Happy travels!

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