Useful winter travel tips for Singaporeans before Tiq-ing off

5 Winter Travel Tips That’s Uniquely Singapore

Travelling to a winter destination is always exciting, since it’s summer all year round in Singapore. You well-travelled Singaporeans are no stranger when it comes to preparing for a winter holiday, such as getting your thermal wear ready, with some even packing your favourite instant noodles (just in case). We’ve put together 5 travel tips prior to your winter holiday this coming year end, based on one of Singaporeans’ favourite winter travel destinations in Japan – Hokkaido. Follow our pre-trip checklist and useful travel tips to make the most out of your trip!

1. Save luggage space with vacuum-sealed storage bags

Do you purchase vacuum-sealed storage bags from Daiso before tiq-ing off? At just S$2, the Daiso vacuum-sealed storage bags are akin to oversized zip lock bags that can do wonders to compress those bulky winter wear! We wouldn’t deny that as kiasu Singaporeans, we would often try to pack light when travelling abroad, so that we can maximise our luggage space for that extra space to bring back more souvenirs.

Winter wear is bulky and takes up much of our luggage space but they’re necessary to shield us from the harsh cold of winter, as the temperatures could go as low as -20 degree Celsius in popular travel destinations such as Hokkaido. Stay warm with your thermal underwear and bundle up with scarves, ear muffs, and gloves!

2. Winter essentials to stay warm and toasty

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Apart from having sufficient winter wear to keep you warm, there are other ways to stay warm and toasty, especially if you can’t stand the cold. While you’re headed to Daiso to get your vacuum-sealed storage bags, don’t forget to pop some heat packs into your basket before checking out. This popular travel essential tends to get sold out quickly during the peak winter holiday season, so get yours early! Besides having the heat packs in the pockets of your clothing for that extra warmth, you can also bring a thermal flask along with you to store a hot drink, keeping yourself warm and hydrated in the dry winter climate.

Additionally, don’t forget to bring along a pair of winter boots with a strong rubber tread. This is important for preventing falls while walking on snow. After all, Hokkaido is a winter wonderland during the months December to March, with snow almost everywhere. We especially love the scenic view at Niseko, with its many snow-capped peaks. Other than revelling in the stunning view at Niseko, you can keep warm by soaking in one of the onsens at the various hot spring resorts there too!

3. Medication and personal care items

While frolicking in the winter snow might sound exciting to you Singaporeans, those who are travelling to a country with a winter climate for the first time might have difficulties acclimatising and some might even fall sick. Follow our travel tips above to stay warm and don’t let the cold bug get you! But if it does, flu, cold and fever tablets are some medicines that can come in handy. Don’t forget to bring along any other personal medication that you are required to take. You can also pack some vitamin C pills for that extra immunity boost and antihistamines to keep any allergies at bay. To protect your skin from drying or even flaking (no thanks to the harsh winter cold), have a moisturiser and a lip balm with you!

#TiqOurWord Don’t forget to get your travel insurance prior to departing Singapore. Overseas medical expenses can be costly but in the unexpected event that you do need to seek immediate medical consultations (touch wood!), at least you will be covered.

4. If you can’t live without… chilli sauce!

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From sushi to ramen, Japan is a gastronomic heaven for foodies. Japanese cuisine is often paired with wasabi, a somewhat pungent spice. Wasabi might be spicy to some foreigners, but definitely not to Singaporeans who are used to eating chilli padis. Indeed, there’s no other chilli sauce like the ones we are used to in Singapore, regardless of which winter destination one visits. If you need that extra, fiery kick in your food, why not pack some chilli sauce from home to complete your meals?

Chilli sauce from homegrown brand GLORY is our favourite! While this pre-travelling tip is totally optional, it’s a must-have for some folks who can’t live without their daily dose of chilli, even when travelling abroad. We can’t guarantee if chilli from Singapore pairs well with Japanese cuisine, but if you’re adventurous with food, you can give it a go!

5. Take off with ease with Tiq’s travel insurance

Travel with ease and make your winter holiday as carefree and joyful as possible by getting a travel insurance before you Tiq off, to buffer you against any unforeseen circumstances. Tiq Travel Insurance by Etiqa can cover you in many aspects, such as your medical expenses, missing belongings and more.

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Having read our pre-trip travel tips, we hope you’ll be well-prepared for your winter getaway! Before we wish you bon voyage, don’t miss the exclusive deals with up to 63% discount on our insurance products (travel insurance included!) and daily lucky draw happening right now till 26 November 2018 at Tiq’s Friend Zone. 🙂