Surviving Cancer: 5 Ways to Cope in the Face of Adversity

Cancer survivors connecting with other people

In Singapore, around 39 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. Based on the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCSS) and World Health Organisation (WHO) cancer statistics, the number of new cancer cases in Singapore were

  • 11,758 in 2011
  • 14,148 in 2015
  • 26,164 in 2018

And the number just keeps increasing each year. That is why there’s a rise in demand for standalone cancer insurance to cover what most critical illness plans cannot. At Tiq by Etiqa Insurance, we offer cancer insurance that covers cancer at all stages.

“There’s no way I’d get cancer, right?”

1 in 5 people in Singapore may develop cancer in their lifetime. Being diagnosed with cancer is never easy. Patients may feel like death is imminent and the hope for a normal life suddenly vanished. Although there is no known cure for cancer, it is proven that early detection and treatment can lead to better outcomes for the patients. Here are some of the best lessons from cancer survivors to inspire you to stay hopeful everyday.

Lesson #1 Stay connected because everybody needs somebody

Cancer survivors require connection with other people in order to stay motivated and hopeful

A 2015 study shows that loneliness can cause depression, poor sleep quality, impaired immune system and other adverse health effects. Pair that with cancer and patients can be facing extreme health risks.

That is why people like Shoba, an expat living in Singapore who was diagnosed with two types of cancer – breast and digestive tract cancers – decided to connect with other cancer patients and cancer survivors. Most of them are mothers and working professionals, just like her. Sharing a bond while facing the same challenges help patients stay motivated to fight, one day at a time. You can read more of her story here.

Lesson #2 Never give up because there is always a way

A young professional woman hoping for the best

Cancer does not discriminate based on age. When a young adult is diagnosed, the worries never deviate far from their career; “What will my employer think?” and “Can I still find a job and get paid?”

That’s exactly what happened to Lavania, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 18. She recovered well after going through radiation treatments, but found it difficult to be employed due to her medical history. With her mother supporting her both emotionally and financially, she found ways to cover her living expenses by pursuing short-term contract jobs instead, lasting around one month for each job. We are deeply moved by her inspiring story where she showed tenacity despite the challenges.

Lesson #3 Accept support from your loved ones because they love you

A wife comforting her husband and being happy together

While facing hardship, one might find it easy to push people away. You might find it hard to grasp the idea, but you mean something in someone’s life. You not only have to fight for yourself but for the ones you love.

It was reported that one man fought 4 types of cancer – bladder, colorectal, liver, and then liver again – in the span of 15 years. After the third diagnosis, having exhausted himself mentally, physically and financially, he told his wife to divorce him and find a better life. But she stood by his side despite the difficulties. This man, called Richard, recovered and went on to publish a book in 2015 called Silent Scream of a Cancer Warrior chronicling his 15-year long fight with the disease.

Lesson #4 Stay vigilant because early detection can save lives

A mother and daughter waiting for their turn at the hospital

Dinara, a housewife with two children, was experiencing unusually heavy menstrual flow back in mid-2013. Her doctor told her that it was just symptoms of onset menopause. However, the symptoms persisted for several months. She was growing weaker by the day from the excessive loss of blood.

After reading books on the subject and looking up resources online, she decided to see a specialist and was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Her quick decision for a surgery to remove the uterus resulted in her survival. It took several months for her to heal, but with the support from her family and proper medication, she recovered. Her vigilance and quick thinking resulted in an early cancer detection which saved her life.

#TiqOurWord The best time to go for cancer screening is when you are still healthy. Look out for subsidised screenings with Screen for Life (SFL), a programme to encourage Singaporeans to go for regular health check-ups for chronic illnesses, including cancer.

Lesson #5 Focus on recovery because everything else can be covered

Cancer survivors can focus on recovery because other things can be covered

Cancer treatment works, but it may result in the damage of other cells through radiation. That’s why after treatment care is so important. Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet and reducing stress are all recommended for cancer survivors in order to stay healthy. However, not many people can afford to pay for treatment, let alone to pamper themselves after treatment is over.

Cost of a full cancer treatment may differ for different types of cancer. But major ones like breast cancer and prostate cancer can result in an average bill size of S$23,423 and S$53,326 respectively – not including recurring cases.

Let Cancer Insurance at Tiq by Etiqa Insurance take off some of your financial burden while you focus on getting better. Cancer Insurance covers up to S$200,000 and offers full payout for all stages of cancer, including early stage. You also get 6% yearly savings upon policy renewal, if no claims are made during the previous year policy term. With your health as our main priority, we can cancel cancer together.


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