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Auto-Renewal Opt-in Promotion

Receive free 30-day coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue Fever when you opt-in for auto-renewal for your Tiq Home or ePROTECT safety annual plan.


The 30-day free coverage features a lump sum S$3,000 Diagnosis Benefit for either illness, amounting to a total maximum benefit of S$6,000 per customer.


Simply select Opt-in for auto-renewal via credit card when you check out at the Payment Method page!

We have the answers you need

  1. This Auto-Renewal Opt-in Promotion (“Promotion”) is valid from 21 May 2020 to 30 June 2020 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).
  2. The Promotion is only applicable to customers who have opted-in for auto-renewal via credit card payment during purchase and renewal of Tiq Home Insurance or ePROTECT safety (annual plan) at and
  3. To be eligible for the complimentary 30-day COVID-19 and dengue fever cover (“Complimentary Cover”), the payment for purchase or renewal must be successfully charged.
  4. The period of the Complimentary Cover will commence immediately upon successful payment for the purchase or renewal and will expire on the 30th day from the date of commencement, or upon payout of Diagnosis Benefit for both COVID-19 and dengue fever, whichever is the earlier.
  5. The Complimentary Cover will be terminated upon cancellation of Tiq Home Insurance or ePROTECT safety or upon cancellation of the auto-renewal option via credit card payment.
  6. The Complimentary Cover is not transferable, exchangeable for cash or kind or extendable in validity.
  7. Customers who are eligible for the Complimentary Cover will receive a confirmation email.
  8. Existing terms and conditions for each product apply.
  9. This Promotion is not valid for customers who have cancelled or free-looked existing policy/policies within 14 days of policy application.
  10. Etiqa reserves the right to amend the Promotion mechanics as well as the terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion, including changing the terms or terminating the Promotion at any point in time before the stated Promotion Period without prior notice, by posting such amendment(s) to and
  11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore.
  12. All information is accurate as at 13 May 2020.