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Surviving Recession: a newspaper cutting showing an economy and global crisis

Recession: How Will It Affect You and What Can You Do About It?

The recession that we are experiencing in Singapore is a peculiar one because it is a recession induced by safety measures implemented to curb the spread of a disease. The good news? We have been able to contain the widespread community transmission of COVID-19 with the Circuit Breaker and safe distancing measures. The bad news?

A Guide to Nostalgic Places in Singapore this National Day!

Image credit: National Archives of Singapore Happy 55th, Singapore! It’s our nation’s 55th year of independence, and we have really come a long way together. From a colonial-ruled trading post to metropolitan island-city, do you still recall Singapore at her infancy stage? Let’s take a walk down memory lane this coming National Day, and create

Nature in Singapore

4 Nature Routes to Explore Around Singapore this Long Weekend

Image credit: Unsplash In anticipation of the Singapore National Day long weekend, and just to prove to you that there is so much more to Singapore than the city, we’ve put together a list of family-friendly routes around the country that showcase the best of our parks and heartlands. While a little long to cover

How Much Should I Pay My Maid?

The order in your home would not exist without your maid’s help, and it’s time to show her you appreciate her work. Here’s how to ensure you’re compensating her fairly.

Charred Food Cropped (1)

Does Eating Charred Food Really Give You Cancer?

Hawker food has been part of Singapore since the 1960s with over 110 hawker centres operating islandwide. With various selection of food such as char kway teow, satay and otak-otak, you might think twice before indulging. It’s not the cholesterol and calories that worry you. It’s the charred food that is widely known to be carcinogenic*

Things to know about DPI

Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) 101 – Are You Asking The Same Questions?

J was first exposed to life insurance by her friends in university. While she didn’t give further thought to the idea then, the seeds of protection has been planted in her mind. Upon starting her first job after graduation, J learnt from her older colleagues the importance of getting adequate coverage and came to a