Be car ready in 2019 CNY? Follow these for a smooth-sailing ride!

Is Your Car Ready For Chinese New Year?

If Christmas is one of the most chillax periods of the year, the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year (CNY) through the festive season has got to be the busiest period for many Singaporeans! From CNY shopping to holiday planning, there are so much to do including spring cleaning, which extends to your car(s) if you are a car owner! Is your car ready for CNY? We are here to help! Read on for awesome tips to prepare your car and countdown towards great prosperity in 2019!

At least 2 weeks to 1 month before CNY

Car servicing

“Bro, are you servicing your car for CNY?” This is a common question among car owners in Singapore. No, we are not superstitious but it is for practical reasons that people go for car servicing before Chinese New Year. As most of us will be travelling with our family around our sunny island to do house visiting, we want to minimise chances of a car breakdown. On top of that, many car servicing operators tend to be closed during this period, which means potentially two things: 1) longer wait to get help 2) pricier SOS services

You should be fine if you have been doing routine car servicing but it doesn’t hurt to ensure all parts are in good order. Bear in mind that worn brakes and improperly inflated tyres can be major contributing factors to road accidents as they affect the stopping distance of your car and the traction your vehicle has with the roads. Here are some other basic car components to check:

• Oil filter
• Air Filter
• Seat belts
• Tyres
• Wiper blades

While you are rushing around during this CNY season, keep two things in mind: stay calm and know that harmony can beget prosperity. If you really have to overtake another car, do so safely.

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Up to 1 day before CNY

Clean and polish your car

Prior to CNY, many of us are unable to escape the spring cleaning sessions at home . While we dread the household chores, isn’t it interesting how we enthusiastically clean and polish our car? Well, be it for good fortune or a comfortable space for our loved ones, it’s time to head for a car wash or whip out your cleaning tools to give your car a thorough cleaning inside out!

Did you know you can use toothpaste to clean head lights that have gone yellow and foggy? Doing so shall help to clear some fogginess! Here’s one good tip: To keep your dashboard shiny and glossy, just pour some olive oil on a piece of cloth and give your dashboard a good wipe! This festive season, you may also wish to replace the car decals. An alcohol-based solvent, such as nail polish remover shall help you to clean away any older sticker residue on any glass surface.

During CNY

Consider these cultural practices within your car

During the first few days of CNY, you might notice that Mum has kept all the sharp objects from sight. This is a common local practice as it is believed that the sharp objects can cut off one’s fortune. As a result, many households in Singapore will keep the knives and scissors in the drawers. This applies to some car owners in Singapore too! It’s never safe to leave sharp items lying around randomly anyway – especially if you have a child on-board!

Oranges symbolise prosperity, which is why we often see two oranges sitting on the car’s dashboard during CNY. For practical reasons, if you are making an unintended house visit or have forgotten to bring oranges, you can always grab the ones in your car!

At times, you may also catch a glimpse of Ang Bao sitting beneath the oranges. Ang Bao are red envelopes (generally containing money) that are given out to children and singles during Chinese New Year as a form of blessings. However, do be careful and avoid leaving valuables or money in plain sight. To avoid car theft, practise due diligence and ensure that your car is well-covered!

#TiqOurWord “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” In our opinion, this popular phrase is more suited for people than the contents within your car. Do your diligence to avoid damages or losses due to thefts, but in the event that something like this happens (touch wood!), having a comprehensive car insurance can be handy! #JustSaying

Your car is ready, are you?

With your car properly taken care of, the next most important element would be the driver: YOU! This festive season, as you spend quality time celebrating with your family, relatives and loved ones, don’t forget this important message: If you drink, don’t drive!

Even if you only had one or two cans of beer, “lucky” oranges may not protect you from road blocks and checks. Most importantly, safety comes first for you and your loved ones. Always ensure that your car and you are in the right condition for the road.


All information is correct as at the date of publication. This content is for reference only.